GPS: January 14

By January 14, 2014Devotional


Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 15:

O Lord, who may abide in your tent? Who may dwell on your holy hill? Those who walk blamelessly, and do what is right, and speak the truth from their heart; who do not slander with their tongue, and do no evil to their friends, nor take up a reproach against their neighbors; in whose eyes the wicked are despised, but who honor those who fear the Lord; who stand by their oath even to their hurt; who do not lend money at interest, and do not take a bribe against the innocent. Those who do these things shall never be moved.

Food for Thought:

Gena_new1In this passage, the writer talks about speaking truth from his heart. This is an interesting phrase. We so often spend our lives in idle chatter or saying unkind words. When I think about speaking words from one’s heart, I think of words of kindness, words of love, words of justice, words of forgiveness. What word can you speak today from your heart? Is it a reflection of God’s love in your life?


Today’s Prayer:

Gracious God, guide us to be truth speakers in your world. Give us the courage and tenacity to put Jesus’ words into practice in our lives. Help us to be faithful to your call on our lives and let us be a constant illumination of your love. Amen.


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