GPS: December 30

By December 30, 2014Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 93

The Lord rules!

He is robed in majesty—

the Lord is robed,

clothed with strength.

Yes, he set the world firmly in place;

it won’t be shaken.

Your throne is set firm for a very long time.

You are eternal!

Lord, the floods have raised up—

the floods have raised up their voices;

the floods raise up a roar!

But mightier than the sound of much water,

mightier than the sea’s waves,

mighty on high is the Lord!

Your laws are so faithful.

Holiness decorates your house, Lord, for all time.

Food For Thought:

Consider for a moment what, in practice, the word adoration implies. The upward and outward look of humble and joyful admiration. Awestruck delight in the splendor and beauty of God, the action of God and Being of God, in and for God’s self alone, as the very color of life…People who are apt to say that adoration is difficult, and it is so much easier to pray for practical things, might remember that in making this great act of adoration they are praying for extremely practical things: among others, that their own characters, homes, social contacts, work, conversation, amusements, and politics may be cleansed from imperfection, sanctified. For all these are part of God’s universe. God’s name must be hallowed in and through them if they are to be woven into the Divine world and made what they were meant to be. -Evelyn Underhill, The Soul’s Delight


God, I adore you! I celebrate you! I am stunned by your beauty and your graciousness. I am astounded by your power and your strength. You are truly good and I thank you for your persistence in making me who you need me to be. Amen.   


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