GPS: December 29, 2015

By December 29, 2015Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19

Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, you who lead Joseph like a flock! You who are enthroned upon the cherubim, shine forth before Ephraim and Benjamin and Manasseh. Stir up your might, and come to save us!

Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we may be saved.

O Lord God of hosts, how long will you be angry with your people’s prayers?

You have fed them with the bread of tears, and given them tears to drink in full measure.

You make us the scorn of our neighbors; our enemies laugh among themselves.

Restore us, O God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.

But let your hand be upon the one at your right hand, the one whom you made strong for yourself.

Then we will never turn back from you; give us life, and we will call on your name.

Restore us, O Lord God of hosts; let your face shine, that we may be saved.

Food For Thought:

The line that stands out to me in this passage of Scripture is “Restore us.” How have you been restored by God? How have you sought to restore others through your actions?


Shepherd of Israel,

may Jesus, Emmanuel and son of Mary,

be more than just a dream in our hearts.

With the apostles, prophets, and saints,

save us, restore us,

and lead us in the way of grace and peace,

that we may bear your promise into the world. Amen.


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