GPS: August 30

By August 30, 2014Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 65:5-7

In righteousness you answer us,

by your awesome deeds,

God of our salvation—

you, who are the security

of all the far edges of the earth,

even the distant seas.

You establish the mountains by your strength;

you are dressed in raw power.

You calm the roaring seas;

calm the roaring waves,

calm the noise of the nations.

Food For Thought:

God is the security of the edges of the earth and the distant seas. God can calm the roaring seas – the roaring waves. God is a source of security and a source of calm. What are the roaring seas and crashing waves in your life right now? What storms do you need God to calm? Sometimes when we are in the midst of the loudest storms in our lives, when we struggle to hear God calling out to us, we forget to call out to God for help. Whether the storm in your life is small or overpowering right now, call out to God in it. Over the volume of the thunder and the waves, call out to the God who can calm the storm.


God of my salvation, you are security. You are strong and powerful. You can calm storms. I need you to be my security, my strength, my power, and my source of calm. I have a storm in my life that you already know. And I need you to calm it. Help me find peace in this storm. Help me hear your voice above all else. Amen.   


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