GPS: August 3

By August 3, 2014Devotional

Today’s Scripture:


Psalm 143:8-12

Tell me all about your faithful love come morning time,

because I trust you.

Show me the way I should go,

because I offer my life up to you.

Deliver me from my enemies, Lord!

I seek protection from you.

Teach me to do what pleases you,

because you are my God.

Guide me by your good spirit

into good land.

Make me live again, Lord, for your name’s sake.

Bring me out of distress because of your righteousness.

Wipe out my enemies because of your faithful love.

Destroy everyone who attacks me,

because I am your servant.

Food For Thought:

This Psalm reminds me of a favorite quote of Frederick Buechner: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s great hunger meet.” You are called to something. God has called you to a place, to a people, to a purpose. Buechner says that we can determine what this calling is by finding the point of intersection between the thing that brings you the most joy ― your passion ― the thing that makes you feel most alive AND the needs of the world ― the thing that breaks your heart. Go there! Follow God to the place you are being called. Listen to the tug in your heart and your desire to serve. Do the very thing that puts a song in your heart and do it in the name of Jesus!


Here I am, Lord! My heart is open. My hands are open. I want to go. Somewhere your people need the very thing that you have made me to do. Show me where they are. Show me the need, the hunger, the injustice. Send me! A part of me is  scared to invite you to use me, God. Calm that anxiety and give me strength to answer your call. Amen.


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