GPS: April 24, 2015

By April 24, 2015Devotional

Today’s Scripture:

Psalm 93

The Lord is king, he is robed in majesty;
    the Lord is robed, he is girded with strength.
He has established the world; it shall never be moved;
    your throne is established from of old;
    you are from everlasting.

 The floods have lifted up, O Lord,
    the floods have lifted up their voice;
    the floods lift up their roaring.
 More majestic than the thunders of mighty waters,
    more majestic than the waves of the sea,
    majestic on high is the Lord!

 Your decrees are very sure;
    holiness befits your house,
    Lord, forevermore.

Food For Thought:

The theme that emerges from this passage of Scripture is that God is king.  How have you seen God to be king in your life?  What are the best attributes of a king (has its’ subjects best interests in mind, just, etc…)?


Holy God, you spoke the world into being.
 Pour out your Holy Spirit to the ends of the earth, 
that your children may return from exile 
as citizens of your commonwealth,
 and our divisions may be healed 
by your word of love and righteousness. In your sacred name we pray, Amen.


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