You Gotta Have a Sense of Humor

By August 25, 2016Support Ministries

Larry GrubbThis little tale is about two sisters who lived together and are no longer with us. They had a nice home and the strange thing about their home was “Their Tree.” You see the house was built around a tree, a very large tree, which was more or less in the middle of their living area. Needless to say it was a conversation piece. This illustrates the creativity and sense of humor of two delightful ladies.

But this story has to do with a phone call and a question. I was working on getting birthday information about our homebound family. So a call was made to this home and I don’t remember which sister answered the phone. After exchanging greetings, I explained that we wanted to get birth date information. The lady said she was born on, let’s say May 14. When I asked for the year in which she was born, she said, “Well, let me think a minute.” After a moment of silence, she said, “I just don’t remember, but my birth certificate is in a trunk on the front porch. I can go check it out.” I told her not to bother, that was too much trouble, and I had seen her front porch. She then said, “1902, I think it was 1902, was that a good year?” I replied, “Yes, that was a good year.” So it went down as May 14, 1902.

One time on a visit to a retirement facility I went to the apartment I wanted to visit and the following sign was on the door: “I am lost. I’ve gone to find myself. If I should return before I get back, please ask me to wait.”

I was visiting a memory care facility and the gentleman I wanted to see was in a common area. This man, we will call him Joe, was a very faithful member of FUMCFW for many years. He was here every Sunday, served in leadership roles over the years, supported the church financially — he was an avid churchman. Joe developed Alzheimer’s and it progressed to the point that he had to move to a specialized facility to receive the round-the-clock care he needed.

Well, I went to the area where he was sitting with other residents and I was not going to really visit him — just wanted let him know that I was there and would be back. He very quickly turned around and looked me in the eye and said, “Would you get the hell out of here, we are gettin’ ready for a singin’.” Of course it was the disease that was speaking, but I found it quite humorous, so totally out of character for this fine gentleman. His wife was mortified when she found out about this.

I called a man who recently celebrated his 100th birthday. After exchanging greetings I asked him what it was like living in his 100th year. He replied that it was OK. I then asked how long he planned to live and as quick as a wink he said, “I’ll see how I feel in the morning!”

A sign on the door of a TCU fan in a nursing facility: “Parking for TCU Alumni only. All others will be TOAD away.”

There are always surprises and challenges in my visits and I cherish both.



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