Faith In Action: I’ve Got Mail

By February 4, 2016Stewardship & Generosity

staff_Roger Partridge_150I get excited when the mail arrives this time of year. It’s not normally like that, and it’s not often that I get much mail. At home it’s even less exciting — a sales flyer or yet another political campaign mailing — oh boy! Following Commitment Sunday, I am much more excited to check the mail because I get to hear from our congregation with their 2016 commitment to the ministries and operating budget of our church. I announced a couple of weeks ago that I would keep you updated, so now just three days after commitment Sunday, this is our status. We have about 500 households that have completed a commitment card, with many more arriving in the mail every day. Last year we received a total of 720 cards, and since it is still very early in the process of reminders, I am confident that we will surpass our 720 total from last year. A special thank-you goes out for the more than 70 new pledges from households that didn’t complete a pledge card for 2015. If you’ve forgotten to mail your card, I hope this is just the reminder that you need. I do hope you will return your card — not just to fill my mailbox, but to enhance your own spiritual journey by sharing your blessings in support of the ministry of our church.

As always, if you have any questions about supporting the ministries of our church, please contact me ( at 817/339-5098. Click here to make your 2016 commitment to our church online.

Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship


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