Got A Minute?

Lisa HelmThis past Sunday, as I stood in the Garden during Connections, I noticed a couple I didn’t recognize looking around and taking it all in — the music of the eleven:eleven band against the backdrop of the beautiful weather in our Garden. I watched as they saw the people streaming out of the Sanctuary heading to Wesley Hall to grab a cup of coffee, a cookie, and the chance to mingle with the folks who had just finished the nine:thirty-nine service and I could just tell: they were visitors.

I went over and introduced myself, and in the conversation that ensued I learned they were, in fact, first-time visitors. They had just dropped their children off in the Children’s Wing and were headed to the traditional service in the Sanctuary at 11:00. I answered their questions about our church and shared information about programs I thought might be of interest to them. They gave me their email address, and yesterday I sent them information about all of the things we talked about.

This whole exchange got me thinking — and it gave me an idea for a perfect service opportunity that anyone can do, regardless of schedule or time constraints. What I have in mind would take just a few minutes each Sunday morning, and if we get enough members participating, it could make a big difference in the experiences of our visitors.

So here’s how it works. Every Sunday, when people visit our church and — like this couple — stand by themselves, looking around, and more than likely, begin to decide whether they will return, there lies a great opportunity to be an FUMCFW Ambassador.

To take on this easy and fun new volunteer opportunity, simply watch for these moments, and then go over and introduce yourself and share information or answer questions about this wonderful church. I truly believe that taking just a few extra minutes to reach out to anyone who looks a little lost or unsure may mean the difference between whether or not they visit again — or ultimately, join our First Church family!

So I invite those of you who are interested in this micro volunteer opportunity to consider yourself officially dubbed an “FUMCFW Ambassador” and begin THIS SUNDAY to share your love for our church with our visitors! Who knows? Your smiling face might just make the difference that helps someone decide that this is their new church home!

See you Sunday!

Lisa Helm,
Director of Welcoming Ministries


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