It’s time to have a talk. [A good one.]

By September 10, 2016The Gathering

Lance Marshall3As you may have noticed, The Gathering is growing. Our August attendance averaged over 85 people, which gives us a packed room full of great energy. Most exciting is that so many of these new attendees are coming as guests of friends and family who invited them; you’re sharing The Gathering with the people you love, and it’s making a difference, not only for us but for them.

gathering-is-growing-photoBecause we have so many new people, I’m having a brief Coffee with the Pastor meeting after worship this Sunday. This will be a brief meeting and a chance for us to discuss some key points, like what The Gathering is about and it’s future, how to join the church, next steps, and a peek into my vision and how that shapes where we are going. Not sure if this is for you? Here’s who it is for:

  • People who are new to The Gathering and want to know more.
  • People who love The Gathering and want to know what is next.
  • People who are feeling “something going on” in their soul and are interested in what their next step might be.
  • People who are interested in growing spiritually.
  • People who have a question.
  • People who like my jokes.
  • People who like free coffee.

There is no registration necessary, just hang around after The Gathering and we’ll start around 10:40 am. See you tomorrow!



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