Wait, Are We Going Somewhere?

Wait, Are We Going Somewhere?

Her arms weighed down by suitcases, with a backpack purse tugging at the neck, cell phone in one hand and car keys, plastic bag with snacks, and a lightweight windbreaker in the other, Ellen pulled the door to with her left foot while ushering her two children outside with her right. She asked the kids, “Did you bring your notepad, clay, and crayons? There’ll be lots of time for creating stuff.” The children nodded sleepily in affirmation and stumbled toward the car as an early morning sun crested the eastern horizon. Dad was already in the car, guitar loaded along with a suitcase full of hastily gathered odds and ends. The oldest child, Billy, 9, stopped abruptly at the top of the sidewalk, his arms balancing two small suitcases, a breakfast bar, and juice box, and a plastic terrarium housing his pet, Arnold, a 12-inch bearded dragon. He looked up at the trees shrouding their sidewalk as if suddenly awake and asked, “Wait, are we going somewhere?”

This Sunday, June 10, is our inaugural eleven:eleven at the Historic 512 (formerly the YWCA) at 512 West 4th Street!

We are so excited about moving into this new space — all our instruments, our brand new AV tech equipment, and the altar are moved in and set up, locally roasted coffee is percolating, and signs all around the campus are pointing the way to something new and exciting . . . It’s all happened pretty quickly! And there have been moments these past few weeks when I found myself stopped in my tracks, just as there’ll be moments throughout the summer when folks will show up at Wesley Hall, deer in headlight eyes, stopped in their tracks, and asking, “Wait, did eleven:eleven go somewhere?”

Granted, it’s just (surely by now you know the number) . . . 133 steps away from the East ramp entrance of the church. And you can park in the East Parking Lot, not 15 feet from the Historic 512 steps (see the map below) or in the mobility impaired access lot (just on the North side of the building). And there are elevators at both ends of the hall. So it’s all very accessible! Childcare will continue to be provided by the church in the Children’s Wing and childcare workers are staying an extra 45 – 50 minutes so no one has to rush to pick up their children after the service. We’ll also have security on site as well. In truth, it’s all really close to where we’ve always been. It’s just a short adventure away. But it will be an exciting adventure nonetheless!

It’s a beautiful space and it will give us, as well as other services at FUMC Fort Worth, a chance to grow in very distinctive and important ways. We really are excited! You’re going to love it, too!

I hope to see you this Sunday to help us consecrate this new space! We’ll have a lot of great music to join in with my message, with guest vocalist Christa Russell Franks and drummer Todd Franks, Brad Thompson and the band, and actor Jakie Cabe.

I’ll see you Sunday!

Rev. Tom McDermott
Associate Pastor of eleven:eleven



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