God Ties All Our Stories Together

By February 3, 2016DiscipleChurch, Worship

Martin LeathersThere’s a phenomenon I like to call: “The book was so much better.” Perhaps you’ve experienced this when you’ve gone to see a movie after reading the book first. Sure, the movie might be great, but as you know, it’s never as good as the book you read that inspired it.

The characters don’t look the way you imagined them, and the dialogue isn’t delivered in just the way you heard it in your head. When we read a book, the words on the pages take flight in our minds, and no movie could ever match that.

When we talk about God in our lives, we’re telling a story that only we could tell. Throughout the Bible, the writers use hundreds of words to describe God and Jesus. It’s not because God is a hundred different things, but because God is big enough to intersect our lives in a hundred different ways. Our stories are all connected to the same God who fills our lungs with breath, and that God ties all of our stories together.

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