Has God Left the Building?

Staff_McDermott, TomYou have probably had that experience where someone told you an amazing story about some unbelievable moment in their life, where the unexpected completely transformed the moment . . . and the story gets summed up with “it was a real God moment.”

We’ve all heard these incredibly moving stories from others. Perhaps many of us have experienced such unique, memorable moments that have marked time for us at a certain point in our lives. Things were pretty dire, stressful, depressing, frightening . . . and then “God showed up.” A friend recently shared a similar experience with me the other day, a deeply moving narrative that caught me up with sadness and hope and then exhilaration and happiness . . . But then I suddenly found myself thinking, “Wait — what? If God suddenly showed up, then where was God prior to that moment? Somewhere else? And if God showed up at that moment for my friend, then why didn’t God show up for all those other folks who really could have used some showing up?”

It’s a pretty typical scenario and question. And while none of us want to distract from, or deconstruct, someone’s joy from a sense of healing or reconciliation or comfort from “God’s showing up in their life,” it does raise the curious (if not pesky) question of “where is God; and where (and why) does God choose to do something here and not there, or for her and not him?”

This Sunday we continue our series on the “5 W’s of God” and explore the question of Where? “Where is God? Has God left the building to play a game of ‘hide and seek’?” Or is there another way entirely of thinking about, seeing, and experiencing where God is?

The 5W’s of God: Where?

Exploring Celtic Spirituality

with the stories of Irish shanachie Seamus O’Clarity,

guest fiddler Rachel Jarvis and a special adaptation of

“My Country ’Tis of Thee,” the music of Mumford & Sons,

and eastmountainsouth.

See you Sunday!


“They are always saying to us, ‘Look to God!’ but they do not tell us where or how to look.

 Plotinus, 3rd c



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