God is like Jesus.

Dear friends,

Instead of using this week’s note to preview our upcoming Sunday message, I want to circle back and recap our focus from last week. During the Christmas season we celebrate that Jesus does more than deliver Good News, but Jesus himself is Good News and a source of joy. Last week we took time to sit back and reflect on the reality that, in Jesus, we see in human form what God is like. Simply put, God is like Jesus.

So many people carry around an image of God that weighs them down with a heavy spiritual burden. They might imagine God as distant or disinterested, as angry or judgemental, as simple or placating. In Jesus we see what God is like. Loving and compassionate, generous and merciful, forgiving and focused on our salvation. In Jesus we see what God is like, and that image is good, good news.

Christmas is a revelation of God-with-us, and that revelation speaks to whatever hurts or hangups are at work in our daily lives. Our problems can be solved, our wounds can be healed, our challenges can be overcome. The answer is there, lying in that manger, waiting for us to receive the Good News God speaks over our lives. Praise be to God!

God bless y’all!

Rev. Lance Marshall


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