God is Calling

Andrew MochrieWhat do you want to be when you grow up? Isn’t that an all-too-common question all of us have heard throughout our lives? It is a question that begins in early adolescence and haunts us all the way until we retire. Let’s all be honest — it never goes away. I have had enough conversations with enough people across the age spectrum that it’s a nagging question that begs a constant re-evaluation of one’s own life trajectory.

However, that doesn’t make it a bad question. In fact, this nagging question can open us up to many different things — and it can keep us on our toes, forcing us to remind ourselves about how and why we got into whatever current adventure we find ourselves on. This nagging question can also cause us to take a fresh look at what we are currently doing and maybe reimagine what we are to do with our lives; it doesn’t allow for complacency. Even more important, this nagging question can draw us closer to God, requiring us to rely on prayer and guidance from the divine because we know deep in our hearts that it is only God’s call in our life that brings true fulfillment in its pursuit.

Our passage of scripture this week, 1 Samuel 3, is a story about this call. It is the story of a young man already pursuing his own vocation. It is a story of the end of an older man’s vocation and place in society. It is a story of what it means to be human and what it is like to both begin and end this call. The young people leading you in worship this week are beginning a call — some of us are in the middle, and some are nearing the end. Some of us are in need of a reminder of why we got into this business we’re in — and some may need to reimagine, with the help of God, what we are to do now. Regardless of where you are, this will be a Sunday to realize that God is always calling. Are you listening?

Andrew Mochrie,
Director of Youth Ministries


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