God in the Neighborhood

While Tom McDermott and his wife Linda are off to New Jersey to perform a wedding, Brad Thompson and the band and I will be with you at eleven:eleven on Sunday.

We’ve been following the broad contours of Diana Butler Bass’s book “Grounded: Finding God in the World,” and this week I’ll talk about God in the neighborhood.

By telling the famous story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus enriched the idea of a neighbor by showing that a neighbor is not just someone who lives nearby, but more importantly, someone who shows kindness and care for another. Your neighbor is not just the person on your street or in your apartment complex, but also the person in Starbucks who sees that you left your wallet on the counter and chases you down to give it you, and the person who you find time to listen to while you are standing in line at Target.

The Muppets raised the question, “who are the people in your neighborhood?” and answered in the same earworm tune, that they are “the people that you meet each day.” Mr. Rogers, whose memory lives on 50 years after the launch of his TV show, (which was just as much for adults as kids) taught that each of us could be that person — the one he sang about, “I’ve always wanted a neighbor just like you” inspiring us to be a person who values our shared existence and makes life better for everyone.

And then there is the neighbor whose dog poops in your yard, and the one who parties all night so you can’t sleep and the person who talks on their cell phone loudly while you are in the terminal waiting for your flight — for 45 minutes. As someone has said, “loving your neighbor is simple, but who said it was easy?

Join us on Sunday to observe the obvious, to question the impulses, and to ask ourselves questions about God in the expansive neighborhood of our existence. I look forward to seeing you!

Charme Robarts
Community Advocate


PS Here are some upcoming opportunities for you:

Cowtown Brush Up / Habitat for Humanity

We invite you to sign up today to serve with these amazing opportunities to bless Fort Worth. First, the local Cowtown Brush Up will be held Saturday, April 7. Then, you can bless others by signing up for any of the three Habitat for Humanity build dates, scheduled for Saturdays, May 5, 12, and 19. 

Palm Sunday | March 25
11:11 am | Wesley Hall
“God in the Commons”
Rev. Tom McDermott
with Actor, Jakie Cabe

Easter Sunday | April 1
11:11 am | Wesley Hall
“God in the Mischief and Mystery!”
Rev. Tom McDermott
Special Guest Singer/Songwriter, Hannah Kirby
(Finalist on The Voice)
Come early for Pre-Celebration Music
Cellist, Dace Sultanov


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