Beware of Online Giving Scam Email

To Church Online Givers:

A member of our congregation received an alarming email last week and wanted me to alert other members of our congregation of a potential email scam. The member made a donation online to the church through our website and received an email acknowledging her donation from ShelbyGiving.COM which is the church’s online donation software vendor. This is what is supposed to happen.

Unfortunately, shortly thereafter the member received an email from ShelbyGiving.ORG requesting another donation and suggesting an amount along with a flashing outline of a box where you are to put your donation amount.

An email from ShelbyGiving.ORG is a scam and is not associated with ShelbyGiving or our church.

Email scams like this are happening more and more frequently and often appear completely authentic. Please be aware our church will never make a suggested individual donation amount to you via an electronic communication. If you receive an email like this, PLEASE DELETE THE EMAIL and do not respond. This was not a result of the church’s computer system being hacked!

At some point, the email transmission from the ShelbyGiving acknowledging the gift was intercepted by a hacker, who then created a similar looking email from using a fictitious domain name (which is easy to do) and sent the church member the scam request. I am grateful the member contacted the church and did not fall victim to the scam. In our society today, we complete financial transactions more frequently using electronic means. Please trust your intuition in all your electronic communications and if something seems unusual start asking questions to research to help avoid being scammed.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Ammerman
Business Administrator


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