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By February 1, 2019



Traditional Worship
9:30 & 11:00 am | Sanctuary | Dr. Tim Bruster
“Simeon’s Song about Jesus”
Fourth in the series Back to Basics: Luke’s Portrait of Jesus

7:15 am | Community Breakfast | Wesley Hall
8:30 am | Worship | Chapel | Rev. Kay Johnson

The Gathering
9:30 & 11:00 am | Wesley Hall | Rev. Lance Marshall

11:11 am | 512 W. 4th St. | Rev. Tom McDermott

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Chapel Communion
10:35 am | Chapel | Dr. Len Delony

Join us live online on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am for The Gathering, 11:00 am for Traditional, and 11:11 am for eleven:eleven.

WRR Radio
Listen to each previous week’s sermon and music on Sunday mornings at 7:30 am on WRR 101.1 FM.

See You at Church

Robert Stovall, Director of Music & Worship Arts, gives a quick preview of the music offering for this Sunday.


New Opportunity for Connection for Ladies at FUMCFW

We are forming a new UMW Circle to meet the needs of women who are in their 40s and 50s or thereabout.


Thanks for Your Compassionate Response

Thank you to all whose generous donations to disaster relief via UMCOR last week totaled $17,405!


Methodist Justice Ministry Receives Grant from Texas Women’s Foundation

Methodist Justice Ministry (MJM) announced that Texas Women’s Foundation has awarded a grant to MJM to provide legal representation and ongoing services to women and their children who have been impacted by family violence and abuse.


Do you see yourself?

Please view these construction fence banners, and let us know if it’s not OK for you or your children to appear in these ministry photos by July 14.


Baptism of the Loveys

How can you “remember your baptism and be thankful” if you can’t actually remember your baptism?


Here’s what’s happening this week

Here’s what’s happening This Sunday and This Week at First Church!


What’s NEXT: Beam Signing for New Children’s Wing

This past Wednesday morning at 9:00 am our church leaders and children’s staff gathered in the east parking lot construction area for the first of many big moments in our Next90 Building Expansion project construction journey.


Moment With Mike

Stay up to date with the latest announcements presented by Dr. Mike Marshall.

more moment with mike


Joan Piper

Memorial Gifts

First Street Methodist Mission in Memory of:
Bill Schopper by Becky Christensen
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Janie & Stephen Christie
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Lynny & Eddie Sankary
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Sandra & James Balch
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Vivienne & Bobby Mays
Glenda Rattikin by Arlington Branch of Rattikin Title Company
Glenda Rattikin by Brackett & Ellis, P.C.
Glenda Rattikin by Byron Jay Lewis
Glenda Rattikin by Carol & Loftin Witcher
Glenda Rattikin by Cathey Kluge
Glenda Rattikin by Clarisa & Drew Darby
Glenda Rattikin by David Parker
Glenda Rattikin by Deborah & Tom Sturdivant
Glenda Rattikin by The family of F.S. (Ben) Gunn
Glenda Rattikin by Gladys & Randy Jennings
Glenda Rattikin by Gregory McCoy
Glenda Rattikin by Jean & John Roach
Glenda Rattikin by Jennifer Weast
Glenda Rattikin by Jerre & David Tracy
Glenda Rattikin by Kathe Goodwin
Glenda Rattikin by Lee F. Christie
Glenda Rattikin by Lisa & Emerson Maddox
Glenda Rattikin by Lynny & Eddie Sankary
Glenda Rattikin by Missy and George Johns
Glenda Rattikin by Norma Loughridge
Glenda Rattikin by Patsy & Bill Zimmerman
Glenda Rattikin by Vivienne & Bobby Mays
Mary Jean Russell by Deborah & Tom Sturdivant

Foundation Fund in Memory of:
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Angela & Peter Pak
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Barbara L. Tatum
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Bitsy & the late Dr. Bob Murchison
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Mr. & Mrs. Greg Pitzer
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Jimmy Clark
Dr. C.B. Bruner by June Johnson
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Dr. & Mrs. L.L. Frank
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Law Offices of Paup, Shutt & Associates, P.C.
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Dr. & Mrs. Lee C. Bloemendal
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Ayers
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ayers
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Mr. & Mrs. Ron Marsh
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Dr. & Mrs. Rufus Roberts, Jr.
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Dr. Samuel Jagoda, Jr.
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Susan & Dr. Todd Samuelson
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Virginia & Meto Miteff
Dr. C.B. Bruner by Walter Virden, IV

General Fund in Memory of:
Betty Bragan by Louella Martin
Don Dunkin by Delaurice Busbee
Glenda Rattikin by Lee F. Christie
Glenda Rattikin by Louella Martin
Glenda Rattikin by Marilyn and Byron Baird
James B. Baker III by Louella Martin
Mary Jean Russell by Angela and Patrick Cordaro

Methodist Justice Ministry in Memory of:
Don Dunkin by Barbara Patton
Don Dunkin by Carol Savage
Don Dunkin by Kay Yount
Don Dunkin by Resa & Bill Dunkin

Next90 In Memory of:
Byron Folse by Margaret Massey

Honorary Gifts

General Fund in Honor of:
Landon Peugh and the Confirmation Class by Nancy & Raymond Carr, Jr.
Landon Peugh by Marjorie Williams
Mike Marshall’s daughter getting married December 2018 by Kay Watkins

Want to honor a special person or accomplishment?
Feel moved to make a gift in memory of someone you care about?
To make an Honorary or Memorial Gift, please call the Business Office at 817-339-5090.



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