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Dr. Tim Bruster — Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?
I’m not that . . .
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Lay Leadership of Today — and Tomorrow
Helen W. Watt’s Legacy for a Firm Foundation
Pilgrimage for Peace: Interfaith Dialogue & Prayer Walk
Austin Takes the Stage
Buckets of Support
Pokemon in the Park
Goostree Lecture Series Featuring Dr. James Fleming

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Register Now for Fall Adult Programs 
Men’s In-Depth Bible Study
De Colores! Emmaus Ministry Fourth Day Reunion Group
Wednesday Morning Study
Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University
Thursday Theologians
Free Community Boot Camp
Men’s Fellowship Breakfast
Improv First!
Wesleyan Adventurers Taste of Texas Tour
Walking, Running, & Cycling Group


Fall Children’s Academy Sunday School
Third Grade Bible Retreat & Presentation

Sub_new_150_compassion & justice2
September Mission Sundays
Habitat for Humanity Fall Fellowship Builds
Fill Backpacks for Food 4 Kids
North Texas Giving Day


Singing Men of First Church


Middle School Lock-In/Out

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Traditional Worship | 9:30 & 11:00 am | Sanctuary | Dr. Tim Bruster

DiscipleChurch | 7:20 am | Community Breakfast | Wesley Hall
8:30 am | Chapel | Rev. Lance Marshall
9:30 am | Discussion Groups

nine:thirty-nine | eleven:eleven celebration | 9:39 & 11:11 am | Wesley Hall | Rev. Tom McDermott

Click here to view and download PDFs of our worship bulletins, posted weekly as soon as details are finalized!

Tim Bruster“Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?”

Dr. Tim Bruster

Luke 13:1-5

Sixth Sermon in the Series: “Questions We Should Answer”

Dear friends,

When you hear the words, “Everything happens for a reason,” do you think about the true implications of that statement? This Sunday in the Sanctuary at 9:30 and 11:00 am we will consider the next question in my “Questions We Should Answer” series: “Does Everything Really Happen for a Reason?” I think this is especially appropriate on the 15th anniversary of 9/11.

After every natural disaster, it seems that there is some preacher who will cite the wrath of God as the reason for it. (It also does not escape my notice that God always seems to be angry about the very same things that anger that preacher!) This notion becomes even more personal when, in the face of the unanswerable “Why?”, someone tries to figure out the reason for a loved one’s devastating diagnosis or death or injury in a car wreck.

Do we really believe that God causes tragedy? Does everything really happen for “a reason?”

When some people told Jesus the news of a tragic event that had just reached them — people from Galilee who were offering sacrifices at the temple in Jerusalem and Pontius Pilate had killed them, cutting their lives short while they were in the very act of worship — Jesus’ reply came in the form of two questions:

“Do you think the suffering of these Galileans proves that they were more sinful than all the other Galileans?” 

“What about those eighteen people who were killed when the tower of Siloam fell on them? Do you think that they were more guilty of wrongdoing than everyone else who lives in Jerusalem?” 

With Jesus’ answers to those questions — a definite no — came a call to a changed life as he dispelled this notion that “everything happens for a reason.” No, they weren’t more sinful. No, they weren’t guiltier of wrongdoing than everyone else. Using those tragedies in their own day as examples, the answer wasn’t comfortable for those looking for a reason that these people — and not some other people — died in this way. (See Luke 13:1-5)

Everything happens for a reason. The implications of that statement are very troubling when we stop and think for a moment. Did the 2010 Haiti earthquake happen for a reason? Did the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami or the 2011 Japan tsunami happen for a reason? Did Hurricane Katrina happen for a reason? Plate tectonics or tropical weather patterns aside, was there really a reason for all that suffering and destruction? Were those who died in the 9/11 attacks more sinful or guiltier of wrongdoing than those who didn’t?

Of course not. If we stop and think about it, we know that at least in the sense of God causing everything in order to make a point or to provide a learning opportunity — or to reward or punish — just isn’t so. Yet, the idea persists. I believe that rather than causing the tragedy or the suffering — or choosing who will be the victims and who will be spared — God is present with us through the tragedies and in the suffering, providing, as we say in our affirmation of faith, “strength and help in time of need.” As Rev. William Sloane Coffin said at his son’s funeral 10 days after he died in a car accident, “God provides minimum protection and maximum support.”

Life is fragile. Things happen. And, while sometimes there is a cause for tragedy (such as those plate tectonics and weather patterns), Jesus tells us that the reason isn’t some capricious whim of God. The good news of our faith is that whatever happens, God is with us. Whatever happens, “nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus.” Isn’t that much more helpful than “everything happens for a reason?”

I look forward to exploring this idea further with you this Sunday in the Sanctuary.

Grace and Peace,




Dr. Tim Bruster
Senior Pastor


I’m not that . . .
Spiritual refugees in search of home

Sundays | September 11 – October 9
nine:thirty-nine | eleven:eleven celebration
9:39 & 11:11 am | Wesley Hall | Rev. Tom McDermott

Which of these best describes you? 

A. Spiritual but not religious
B. Christian (but not that kind of Christian)
C. Done with all that
D. None of the above
E. All of the above

If you chose A, C, or D, you are among the growing number of people who feel like church and Christianity are increasingly irrelevant in the 21st century. Many leave their church due to feelings of frustration, shame, or abandonment. Others find little resonance with their experiences. No matter their reason, these spiritual refugees still long for meaningful and engaged faith for our modern era.

Join us for a five-week series on finding authentic, meaningful faith in an increasingly complex and changing Christian landscape — featuring spoken word by Rev. Tom McDermott, fellow storyteller Decee Cornish, actor Jakie Cabe, and others. Plus, enjoy live music with Brad Thompson and the revolution band, with guest musicians including singer-songwriter Hannah Kirby.

Other Sunday Morning Offerings

The Gathering | 9:30 am | Room 350 | Rev. Lance Marshall

This new and different First Church Sunday morning offering led by Rev. Lance Marshall offers a casual and relevant opportunity for prayer, study, topical exploration, and high-spirited connection free from typical worship or Sunday School structures.

Chapel Communion | 10:35 am | Chapel | Dr. Len Delony

With special music, prayer, and readings, this quiet and contemplative full communion service led by Dr. Len Delony and other FUMCFW clergy is available each week for those who want to add communion to their weekly worship experience.

Connections | 10:30 – 11:00 am & noon – 12:30 pm | Garden & Wesley Hall

Each Sunday, Wesley Hall will be set up and ready to offer members, visitors, and guests from all our different Sunday morning worship and study opportunities a chance to visit, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a Sunday morning treat.

Teachers & Topics Web HeaderClick here to see classes meeting this Sunday, September 11

Every Sunday morning, groups of adults meet in FUMCFW Sunday School classes to enhance their spiritual growth and enjoy fellowship with other Christians. We have classes for a variety of demographic groups, with many different class personalities and styles.

Visit the Adult Sunday School page to learn more!

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Robert StovallFrom Bluegrass to Mozart

Robert Stovall

When looking at my calendar for the months ahead, I am amazed to see how much variation of worship music we really have to offer our community. Coming this Sunday, September 11, we will present our Singing Men of First Church with two arrangements that will certainly bring emotion to the forefront. On September 18, we have CROSSROAD SINGERS! This fantastic ensemble will give us music with a bluegrass flavor that’s sure to fill the spirits of all.

On October 2, Choral Union will return to the 11:00 am service with their presentation of Mozart’s “Coronation Mass in C.” Click here to continue reading. 

Click here to read more posts from Robert

Chuck Graff2Register Now for Fall Adult Programs!

Rev. Chuck Graff

Our Adult Education Ministry Council has worked diligently to provide many exciting fall studies, community dinners, lectures, and programs. Christian education is essential to our spiritual growth and development, and we have created a variety of different opportunities that address our faith development in a holistic way, including Bible study, engaging lectures and symposiums, prayer and study groups throughout the week, churchwide evening fellowship dinners, and exercise groups to support the well-being of body, mind, soul, and community together. Please sign up to attend as many of these offerings as possible, and contact me if you need additional information. Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Chuck

Andrew MochrieThe Refuge!

Andrew Mochrie

Sunday nights are taking on a new skin this coming semester over in the Justin Building. We are moving away from Night Church (Nurch) and are beginning The Refuge. You may be asking yourself, why “The Refuge”? Great question! A refuge can be defined as a condition of being safe from the pursuit of danger or trouble. Or simply a refuge is a safe place. We desire the Justin Building to be a safe place for teenagers to do a couple of things: We want them to (1) feel as if they can safely explore their faith and begin to build the foundation of that faith that will last the rest of their lives. In order to do that we want them to (2) feel as if this is a place where they can be who they really are, comfortable in their own skin.

That is what The Refuge is designed to be, a safe place to be with friends, explore faith, and serve God. Click here to continue reading.

Weekly Update: September 8

The Refuge (Formerly Night Church/Sunday Night Youth) Kick-Off

Our Sunday evening programming (now called The Refuge) will be starting off with Games-that-didn’t-make-the-Olympics Olympics!

Some events included are: belly bumper sumo, synchronized roller skating, and an . . . unconventional . . . relay! So channel your inner Simone Biles and come play with us on Sunday, September 11, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm! (Yes, there will be food!)

Cornerstone Youth Choir

Rehearsals start this week! Meet in the Choir Room starting at 4:00 pm this Sunday with Erin Ypya! Rehearsal will go until 5:30 pm. Come hang out and sing with us! Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Andrew

Staff_McDermott, Tom

Spiritual Refugees in Search of Home

Rev. Tom McDermott

The poet Maya Angelou spoke of the lifelong journey of faith. She said, “I’m always startled when people walk up to me and tell me they are Christians. My first response is an honest question, ‘Already?’”

A friend of mine tells the story of how fear of hell drove him to Christianity and the Baptist church as a teenager and how fear of Christians drove him away a number of years later. He discovered that much of what they taught and did and said made less and less sense or was outright contradictory and cruel. As he asked more questions and disagreed more with what he heard, the church community began to ignore him rather than dialogue with his doubts. Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Tom

Len Delony1“To ‘listen’ another’s soul into life…”

Dr. Len Delony

Fifteen years ago, after getting our one- and two-year-old daughters up and ready, I buckled them into their car seats and took them to First Methodist Preschool. Soon after getting them settled there, I drove home, turned on the TV, and was stunned by the images of the planes flying into the Twin Towers. Within just a few minutes, I got a call telling me the Preschool was asking parents to come get their children. It was a tragic, disorienting day. It seemed that holding loved ones was the best way for most of us to respond.

Now, 15 years later, much of our world still seems disoriented and off-balance. Click here to continue reading.

Click here to read more posts from Len

Member News Web Header




Caren Walker
Peggy Von Duynn
Tyler McGuire


Carl Sisler
Elaine Yamagata

Upcoming Events Web HeaderClick here to see a list of upcoming programs and events.

Churchwide News Web Header

Lay Leadership of Today — and Tomorrow

The early Methodist movement grew through the efforts of laity who led small groups, taught Bible study, provided outreach ministry, and led the administrative life of the church. Those efforts continue with our lay leadership of today and tomorrow.

So what does it mean to “be God’s people in the world?” While some of us reach out as part of our calling, others lead the way from within in a variety of important ways. Beyond the leadership of our clergy, we also need strong lay leaders.

As our annual period of recommendations for our next group of lay leaders begins, we as a congregation once again have the opportunity and responsibility to consider who among us would make a great leader in our church community. From finance to church policy, and from programs to conferences and more, there are many ways to serve our church and our congregation.

Please give some prayerful thought to submitting your recommendations for our 2017 committees for lay leadership, including:

  • Church Council
  • Lay Leadership Committee
  • Staff/Parish Relations Committee
  • Board of Trustees
  • Lay Members to Annual Conference
  • Committee on Finance
  • Weekday Ministries Board of Directors
  • Mission Board of Directors
  • Justice Ministry Board of Directors
  • Board of Stewards

Click here to learn more about each of these church committees, what they do, and how you can help choose our future leaders.

helen5Helen W. Watt’s Legacy for a Firm Foundation

Even if you can’t take it with you, you can still leave it behind. The First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation can help you build a legacy of compassion, service, and devotion that will benefit others today and last long after tomorrow. The Foundation was established in 1964 to provide for the long-term operation and maintenance of our church’s facilities. In the most fitting words, it supports us with a solid foundation.

helen-watt-societyThis fall marks the 10th anniversary of the Helen W. Watt Society, which was established in 2006 to honor all those who leave a legacy to FUMCFW by making a planned gift through the Foundation. It all started with longtime FUMCFW member Helen W. Watt, the woman who paved the way for the Foundation’s planned giving platform. Helen was the first female officer and director of the First Methodist Church of Fort Worth Foundation. She solicited many of the original gifts that formed the Foundation, and spearheaded its rapid growth in the 1990s, up until her final year in 1997. Almost two decades later, thanks in large part to Helen’s groundwork, the Foundation continues to stand firm — now with assets of more than $55 million.

The Society, which helps sustain our church’s future, is only one of the many ways Helen made an impact on our community. Helen loved Fort Worth and its First United Methodist Church, and her legacy will benefit both for many years to come. Helen’s son, Bob Watt Jr., is following in his mother’s footsteps as one of the Foundation’s board members. From her life with her husband, Bill, whose Yellow Cab company and Stock Show presidency is well-known, to her fundraising drive to plant 140 trees on Monticello Drive, to her instrumental work for our church she held so dear, Helen W. Watt lived her life to the fullest. With compassion, service, and devotion, she moved mountains for the Foundation. Thank you for everything, Helen — we will always remember what you have left behind for all of us.

Click here to read more about Helen’s life story as told by her son, Bob. For more information about becoming a member of the Helen W. Watt Society, please contact the Foundation Office at 817-336-5698.

pilgrimage-for-peace_hsPilgrimage for Peace:
Interfaith Dialogue & Prayer Walk

Sunday, September 11
3:00 – 5:00 pm | Wesley Hall
Led by Estrus Tucker

estrus-tuckerOn this Sunday, the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack on New York and Washington D.C., we are making a special “Pilgrimage for Peace.” Our Interfaith Dialogue facilitator, Estrus Tucker, is an independent consultant and keynote speaker whose mission is to inspire practices that promote human dignity and nonviolent engagement in service of a world that works for all. Estrus will introduce specific dialogue guidelines to help us be fully present and deepen listening in community, and then we will experience these deeper conversations related to care of faith and family in times of trial. Our pilgrimage will end with a Prayer Walk around and on the prayer labyrinth of which the center represents a New Jerusalem.

img_3950Austin Takes the Stage

Shout out to FUMCFW Communications and A/V team member Austin Patton who took the stage last Sunday with our Revolution Band for a soulful rendition of “The Weight” during the nine:thirty-nine | eleven:eleven celebration. Who knew?

flood-relief-bucketsBuckets of Support

Kudos to our Youth Ministries who filled 60 flood buckets in 25 minutes as part of our churchwide response to support UMCOR’s relief effort for victims of recent flooding in Louisiana. As a faith community we raised over $10,000 to purchase the supplies, which our Youth then assembled into buckets as prescribed, and Rev. Chuck Graff then loaded and delivered the buckets to FUMC Mansfield.

pokemon-in-the-park_hsPokemon in the Park

Saturday, September 24
1:30 – 3:00 pm | Trinity Park Pavilion #4
2401 University Drive | Fort Worth, TX 76107

Join us for Pokemon Go in the Park, a community event for all ages. We’ll set up a refreshment station at Pavilion #4 right next to the Trinity Park Playground, and the area will be full of Pokemon for you to snag. Bring a friend and enjoy an afternoon in the park with your church family! For more information, contact Rev. Lance Marshall (lmarshall@myfumc.org) at 817-339-5078.

The first 100 families get a
special edition cell phone charger!

Goostree_HSGoostree Lecture Series
Featuring Dr. James Fleming

Sunday, September 25 – Tuesday, September 27

Renowned Biblical scholar and lecturer, Dr. James Fleming, will lead our Goostree Lecture Series this fall. We are extremely excited to welcome back Dr. Fleming as he guides us through the intriguing lecture topic: “Seeing God through the Biblical Mind.” Please see below for the scheduled themes and lecture for each day. You will want to attend all or as many of the lectures as possible, and please invite guests to join you. All lectures are free to attend and will be held in Wesley Hall following the worship services on Sunday. Lunch or dinner costs $6 each. For more information, contact Rev. Chuck Graff (cgraff@myfumc.org) at 817-339-5065.

Sunday, September 25

Sermon: 9:30 & 11:00 am
“Suspending the Modern Mind”
Traditional worship | Sanctuary

Lecture: 5:00 – 6:30 pm
“The God Who is Like What God Does”
Wesley Hall | Complimentary dessert & coffee

Monday, September 26

Lecture: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
“Image and Function in the Hebrew Bible”
Wesley Hall | Light dinner | $6

Tuesday, September 27

Lecture: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
“Image and Function in the New Testament”
Wesley Hall | Light dinner | $6

Noon Lecture Series: “Discussion of the Current Middle East Situation”

Part I: Monday, September 26 | Part II: Tuesday, September 27 | Wesley Hall

Lunch: 11:45 am – 12:15 pm | $6
Lecture: noon – 1:00 pm
Q&A: 1:00 – 1:30 pm

Ministry News Web Header

Sub_new_150_adult2Sub_new_150_children2Sub_new_150_compassion & justice2


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Sub_new_adultFall Adult Program16_HS1Register Now for Fall Adult Programs

First class begins September 14

Welcome fall by joining our new slate of studies and learning opportunities with something for everyone! Click here to learn more, pay for materials, and register online. You can also pick up a brochure in the Welcome Center or Main Office.

Men's Bible Study_HSMen’s In-Depth Bible Study

Tuesdays | 7:00 – 8:00 am | Room 154
Led by Fred Cantu and other leaders

Men of all ages are welcome to enjoy study, fellowship, prayer, and new spiritual growth on their faith journey with others. Fred Cantu and several others will lead this ongoing Bible study. There is no charge or registration required — all men are welcome whenever their schedules allow them to attend. Coffee is provided!

De Colores Emmaus Ministry_HSDe Colores! Emmaus Ministry Fourth Day Reunion Group

First Wednesday of every month
Noon | Room 230

Everyone who has been on an Emmaus Walk, or is interested in learning about this vital ministry, is invited to our new group. It lasts an hour but is “come and go” as needed. Please consider inviting an interested friend. If desired, bring your lunch and even something to share. Our Reunion Group will focus on sharing our faith stories and spiritual growth as disciples committed to Christ. Men and women are invited to attend.

Wednesday Morning Study_HS1Wednesday Morning Study

September 14 – November 16
9:30 – 11:00 am | Room 154
Led by Rev. Phyllis Barren
Registration required | Book available for $12

“Convictions: How I Learned What Matters Most” by Marcus J. Borg conveys an overall message that is both simple and urgently needed: Change is a good and natural part of Christian life. Marcus reminds us that change is a normal process in Christianity, but change is more than just history — it’s a personal journey. As millions of Americans are aging, he argues, it’s time to talk openly across the generations. It’s time to talk honestly, he tells us, about how our childhood assumptions concerning faith usually pass through what Marcus calls the “conversions” that are a rich part of becoming an adult — and then can deepen into the “convictions” that form a foundation for a long and meaningful life.

Financial Peace University_HS

Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University

September 14 – November 9
Wednesdays | 5:30 – 7:00 pm | Room 230
Led by Key Business Leaders of FUMCFW
Registration required | $110 per person or couple

If you didn’t take personal financial management lessons in school or have had the school of hard knocks provide you with circumstances that require better personal financial management skills, this nationally known financial management class is for you. The course will be facilitated by Larry Ammerman, FUMCFW Business Administrator, along with successful business executives from our church who have specific expertise to share. Course topics will include saving, budgeting, debt management, cash flow planning, smart buying decisions, real estate and mortgages, retirement and college planning, and the role of insurance. You will receive the Financial Peace University participant materials, including a workbook and audio presentations, to help you develop an action plan to achieve your goals by the end of the course. You must register in advance. Pay online or pay by check (made out to FUMC Fort Worth) at the first class. Payment is not refundable.

Thursday Theologians16_HSThursday Theologians

September 15 – December 8
9:15 am | Refreshments & gathering
9:30 – 11:00 am | Book discussion | Room 350
Led by Rev. Linda McDermott
Registration required | Space is limited

Thursday Theologians is a welcoming group interested in open-minded and challenging discussions of theological topics. It is specifically designed for those who are eager to ask the more difficult questions about faith and to be challenged to explore personal beliefs. We will use the book, “Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road? Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World” by Brian D. McLaren. Please bring your own book.

free-community-bootcamp_hsFree Community Boot Camp

Begins September 19
Monday & Friday | 7:00 – 8:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday | 5:45 – 6:45 am
FUMCFW West Parking Lot

A healthy community starts with healthy individuals. Join our Fit First community to reach realistic, obtainable fitness goals together. Don’t let the name boot camp scare you — every exercise and activity will be modified to accommodate all fitness levels. We will do more than just exercise, we will stay afterward and have a cup of coffee or a bite to eat to develop relationships. Bring a mat and water. For more information, contact Jennifer Stephens (jstephens@myfumc.org) at 817-363-3291. Complete the required waiver online, or print one to bring with you.

Men's Fellowship Breakfast_HSMen’s Fellowship Breakfast

Saturday, September 24
9:00 – 10:30 am | Justin Youth Building | 801 W. 5th St.
Hosted by the United Methodist Men

Attention all men: we are starting a new men’s fellowship breakfast this fall at FUMCFW. At our first gathering together, we will share our vision of creative possibilities for this exciting new men’s ministry and our breakfast schedule. Cooks needed; if you can help with breakfast and coffee for the guys beginning at 8:00 am, contact Rev. Chuck Graff (cgraff@myfumc.org) at 817-339-5065.

Improv 1st_HSImprov First!

September 25 – November 6
Sundays | 1:00 – 3:00 pm | Foundation Building | Room 370
Led by Winn LaRue | Registration required | $50

Improvisation is spontaneous play and laugh out loud fun! Learn basic and intermediate skills to enhance spontaneity, connect as a community, and have a lot of fun with others! Instructor Winn LaRue is a veteran stand-up comic and theater instructor. Winn is an improv graduate of both the Four Day Weekend and Dallas Comedy House improv schools, and studied with Second City in Chicago. The class runs seven weeks and concludes with a showcase for family and friends. Pay online or pay by check (made out to FUMC Fort Worth) at the first class.

WA Taste of Texas_HSWesleyan Adventurers Taste of Texas Tour

Tuesday, November 1 – Friday, November 4
$400 for double occupancy | $550 for single occupancy
Half of total cost due 9.15 | Remaining balance due 10.15
Space limited to 40 participants

Rev. Phyllis Barren will lead the Wesleyan Adventurers on a trip through central and south Texas. The cost will cover chartered coach transportation and three nights at hotels with complimentary breakfasts, as well as visits to the Homestead Craft Village in Waco, the George (H.W.) Bush Presidential Library and Museum in College Station, a tour of two painted churches and two museums in Schulenburg, a classic car museum in San Marcos, and a hand-blown glass studio and gallery in Wimberley. On the way back we will stop in Salado for some shopping and leisure time. For more information or to register, contact Marianne Wilson (mwilson@myfumc.org) at 817-339-5071 or Rev. Phyllis Barren (pbarren@myfumc.org).

Walking Running and Cycling Group_HS

Walking, Running, & Cycling Group

July 23 – December 31
Cowtown training starts September 24
Saturdays | 6:45 – 9:00 am | The Trailhead at Clearfork
4801 Edwards Ranch Road | Fort Worth, TX 76109
Waiver required

Join Fit First for a four-mile out and back route for all levels of runners, walkers, and cyclers. Children and pets are welcome. Start with stretching and end with breakfast and the Farmers Market. Bring water and sunscreen.

And if you’d like to walk or run the 2017 Cowtown 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, or Ultra Marathon with our Fit First team on February 25 – 26, our six-month Cowtown Training Program will begin on September 24. We will meet each Saturday morning for the long mileage of the week, and the schedule of training will be posted on the Fit First web page for you to follow. For more information, contact Jennifer Stephens (jstephens@myfumc.org) at 817-363-3291. Complete the required waiver online, or print one to bring with you. Sign up to help with check-in and water stops.

Visit the Adult Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.


Fall Academy_HSFall Children’s Academy Sunday School

Academy begins Sunday, September 11
Click here to register

This fall we enter the eleventh semester of our Children’s Academy Sunday School for children in Kindergarten through fifth grade. Children will get to enroll in a class of their choosing. They will be in the same room, with the same teachers, all semester. Some courses are designed for younger elementary (K – 2nd) and some for older elementary (3rd – 5th). While the subject areas are varied, each class will work from the same Bible story and same memory verse each month. By the end of the semester, not only will the children have a better grounding in their faith, but they will develop some real skill in a particular area.

3rd Grade Bible_HSThird Grade Bible Retreat & Presentation

Overnight Retreat | September 16 – 17 | Lyle Lodge | $25 per child
Presentation of Bibles | September 18 | 11:00 am worship | Sanctuary

Third grade is a special year in Children’s Ministries as we celebrate the milestone of gifting children with their very own Bible! This three-day experience begins with an overnight retreat where children learn the importance of using the Bible as a tool in their everyday lives, and will culminate with the special presentation of Bibles that Sunday in the Sanctuary. Click here to learn more and register your third grader!

Visit the Children’s Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.

Visit the FUMC Day School page for more information on programs and activities.

Sub_compassion & justice

Sept15 Mission Sunday_HS

September Mission Sundays

During the month of September, please bring toilet paper to:
First Street Methodist Mission | Monday – Thursday | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
OR the donation bins at the East, West, & Garden entrances | Sunday mornings

For more information, contact Linda Murphy (lmurphy@firststreetmission.org) at 817-339-2404.

Fall Habitat_HSHabitat for Humanity Fall Fellowship Builds

Saturdays | September 17 & 24, October 1 & 8
8:00 am – 3:00 pm | Carver Heights neighborhood, Fort Worth
Ages 18+ | Registration required | Limit 3 people per day

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Click here to sign up for one of our four upcoming Fall Fellowship Builds with the join code FUMCFW. If you already have an account, log in and click on “Your Account” next to your name. Click “Next,” and then enter the join code FUMCFW. Once registration is complete, you MUST select the day you are volunteering. You will be prompted to read and accept a Liability Waiver online. When sign-up is complete, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information. If you do not receive an email, please contact Jeremy Byrd (jeremy.byrd@trinityhabitat.org).

Food 4 Kids Volunteer_HSFill Backpacks for Food 4 Kids

September ­18, 2016 – May 28, 2017
Sundays | Pack backpacks for 1 hour between 9:00 am – noon
First Street Methodist Mission

Food 4 Kids is a ministry of First Street Methodist Mission that sends food home for the weekend for 170 elementary-aged children at I.M. Terrell and T.A. Sims Elementary during the school year. Groups of 10 are encouraged to come to First Street Methodist Mission for one hour between 9:00 am and noon, September through May, to help pack backpacks. Click here to sign up online now to help fill backpacks! To learn more or to volunteer, please contact Linda Murphy (lmurphy@firststreetmission.org).

NTGD STD_HSSave the Date to Donate on
North Texas Giving Day

Thursday, September 22
6:00 am – midnight
Donate at NorthTexasGivingDay.org

First Street Methodist Mission and Methodist Justice Ministry are taking part in North Texas Giving Day! On September 22, every donation of $25 and above will be multiplied with bonus funds and prizes! Get the most out of your donation to our organizations. First Street Methodist Mission and Methodist Justice Ministry are two vital ministries of the FUMCFW faith community, often working together to share and maximize resources for the benefit of those we serve. Because these are also two distinctly separate entities, your North Texas Giving Day gifts must be designated individually to each ministry. Thank you for all you do to support these vital ministries of our church!

Visit the Compassion & Justice Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.


Singing Men_HS2Singing Men of First Church

Sunday, September 11
9:30 & 11:00 am worship | Sanctuary

The Singing Men of First Church, a choir comprised solely of male voices, will join together once again during the 9:30 and 11:00 am Sanctuary worship services on Sunday, September 11. Men of all ages are welcome, whether you are a member of Choral Union looking for something different, or if you are interested in a short-term choir experience without the commitment of a weekly rehearsal. The Singing Men of First Church will perform under the direction of Robert Stovall, Director of Music & Worship Arts. We will be singing “Who Are the Brave” and “The Awakening” by Martin. For more information, contact Robert Stovall (rstovall@myfumc.org) at 817-339-5074.

Visit the Music Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.


middle-school-lock-in16_hs Middle School Lock-In/Out

October 1 – 2
6:00 pm Saturday – 9:30 am Sunday
Justin Youth Building | 801 W. 5th St.
Registration required | $25

Middle School Lock-In/Out is a fun overnight event for our 7th and 8th-grade students that will include games and worship in the Justin as well as a few late-night activities around Fort Worth. For more information, contact Andrew Mochrie (amochrie@myfumc.org).

Visit the Youth Ministries page for more information on programs and activities.

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DiscipleChurch in Honor of:
DiscipleChurch by Kay Watkins


Being Better Together in Memory of:
Jean McAllum by Keri Bryan
Jean McAllum by Robert McAllum

Community Outreach in Memory of:
Jean McAllum by Keri Bryan

Foundation Memorial Fund in Memory of:
Ed Petrushka by Mr. & Mrs. Norman Presley

General Fund in Memory of:
Ruben Brown by Tony, Nancy, Michelle & Matthew Phillips, & Cheryl Brown

Louisiana Flood Relief in Memory of:
Jean McAllum by Kay Watkins

Oates Foundation in Memory of:
Michael Bruster by Charlene & Robert Ernst

Youth Ministries in Memory of:
Drew Medford by Kay Watkins


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