FUMCFW 2014 Top 10 — An extraordinary year in review

Staff_Partridge, Roger

As we get ready to wrap up another year in our church

— and in the flurry of year-end Top 10 lists —

let’s all take a moment to remember, celebrate, and recognize

our 2014 FUMCFW Top 10:


Did you know that this year our church:


1. Offered 247 different worship services in five different styles, including dozens of special music offerings to enhance the worship experience in a wide variety of ways.

2. Shared worship with a total in-person attendance of 56,248

3. Live-streamed our traditional and our non-traditional worship services to 14,251 personal computers or mobile devices

4. Hosted 538 children and more than 200 adult helpers for VBS

5. Engaged more than 200 children each semester in worship, bible study and service through our Children’s Academy

6. Took more than 100 teenagers and adults on life changing mission trips

7. Spread Gods love and touched the lives of more than 10,000 people living in need at home and around the world through our Compassion and Justice Ministries

8. Greeted more than 244,173 different visitors to our website

9. Engaged a total of 6,394 followers on our social media network, for a total 2014 social media messaging reach of 935,125

10. Interacted Daily with 10,540 different readers of our GPS Daily Devotional (with total social media sharing, GPS reached more than 242,820 this year!)

Yes, together we’ve shared an extraordinary year as a faith community — and we can still end this amazing year in an extraordinary manner by meeting our significant year-end challenge.

As of right now, we still need $169,000 to close out 2014 successfully and turn our attention toward our 2015 opportunities. If you made a 2014 pledge and have not yet fulfilled this commitment, please be sure your final payment is delivered to the church (in person by 5:00 pm or online by midnight) tomorrow, Wednesday, December 31.

Beyond fulfilling any outstanding pledges, if every single person reading this would make an online donation to our church for $32.50 (or more!), we will finish our year successfully within the next 24 hours.

For your convenience there are several options for quick year-end giving: give online via debit or credit card; write a check with “2014 Budget” in the memo line and drop it off at the Church Office or Business Office, or mail it (postmarked before December 31); or donate via text message — just text the dollar amount of your donation to 817-241-2327.

Join the community effort now underway to close out our financial year in success — make your final contribution 2014 gift today! For more information or for help with your donation, please contact me (rpartridge@myfumc.org) at 817/339-5098.


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