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Holy Week: The Passion of Christ


A Lecture Series Presented by Special Guest: Dr. Jim Fleming, Ed.D. “The Journey to Jerusalem”



In 1993 I was appointed as an associate pastor and Westchase Campus pastor at First United Methodist Church in Houston. Dr. Jim Fleming was on our staff as Bible teacher, living in the United States and teaching half the year and in Israel doing research and teaching as a biblical archaeologist.

I had already had the experience of hearing Jim teach in the Disciple Bible Study videos and was excited about the opportunity to work with Jim and experience more of his teaching. What a privilege it was! Susan and I made ourfirst trip to Israel with Jim as our guide and we will never forget that experience.

This past Sunday I held up a piece of pottery in my sermon that I got on that trip. When I found it, Jim immediately knew the period it came from and pointed out the potter’s mark on the pottery. His knowledge is encyclopedic! Without a doubt, Jim is one of the best Bible teachers I have ever experienced.

From his years of experience and research he brings a unique perspective to his teaching. He always uses media in his teaching, showing pictures and maps to help his listeners make a kind of journey to many sites of biblical significance.

He shows artifacts and archaeological sites as he teaches in such a way that the stories of the Bible come to life.

He has a lively and entertaining style of delivery and thought-provoking style of weaving together old and recent discoveries.

You will not want to miss this Sunday morning as Jim begins his series, “Holy Week: The Passion of Christ.” He will preach in both morning services in the sanctuary and will continue his series in presentations on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings at 6:30 and at studies on Monday and Tuesday at 11:30 am.

I assure you that his presentations will bring the Bible to life for you in a new and powerful way. As he walks us through the days of Jesus’ final week of his earthly ministry, you will likely enjoy many “Aha!” moments of new understanding.

There really is nothing like the experience of being in his presentations and experiencing Dr. Fleming in person. You won’t want to miss a minute of Dr. Fleming’s teaching and you will want to share that experience with others.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Grace and Peace,

Dr. Tim Bruster

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