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“Seek” I Matthew 7:7-8, 13:44-46


What is it that we typically seek during this “What Now?” period following the excitement of Christmas?

Although the answer to this annual question varies from person to person and year to year, I think what we most often seek during this time is change in our lives. So, of course, we make our resolutions for the coming New Year.

We resolve to do some things and to stop doing some others. We resolve to improve ourselves in some way or ways: spiritually, mentally and physically.

I think what we seek most of all is some “new normal” for our lives. We want things to get back to normal after the unusual activities and pace of the holidays; at the same time, we want our “normal” to be different—improved in some way.

What Jesus calls us to seek is the kingdom of God—or the kingdom of heaven, as Matthew’s gospel prefers to call it. The kingdom of God, as most of Jesus’ parables illustrate, is whenever and wherever God’s will is done “on earth as it is in heaven.”

So, in considering these two ideas side by side–what we naturally tend to seek and what are we called to seek–here are a couple of questions to take with us into this new year:

Am I seeking the best, the highest, the most valuable, the most pleasing to God?

As I resolve to create a “new normal” for my life, what does that look like in relation to God’s call in my life?

In this week’s sermon that launches our six-week “What now?” Epiphany sermon series, we’ll explore the idea of seeking–and examine meaningful ways for making this the year in which you find a more satisfying “new normal.”

Grace and peace,
Dr. Tim Bruster

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