5.16.10 FUMC Columbarium Consecration and Dedication

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FUMC Columbarium: Bringing the past and present together — in body and spirit

Sunday, May 16, 2010

During a brief service following the 11:00 a.m. worship service, the FUMC Columbarium was consecrated and dedicated in answer to a longstanding request for FUMC to offer this to its members. Not only will this ministry satisfy the need for Christian burial, but it will bring the past and present together- in body and spirit. Those who have come before us are once again part of the church community, celebrating with us at Christmas, Easter, Weddings or weekly Sabbath.
The Columbarium includes a prayer garden, a water feature donated by the UMW Wesleyan Circle, and “Christ Rising”, a beautiful statue by Frederick Hart, that was donated by Dwayne Jose and Daphne Motheral-Jose.

The Columbarium and Prayer Garden Water Feature is given by and in honor of The Wesleyan Circle of the United Methodist Women of First United Methodist Church of Fort Worth. The circle, which is no longer meeting, gave this gift as an expression of its love and appreciation for the church. Several members from the Wesleyan Circle were present for the dedication and consecration service – Gala Watkins, Former Treasurer; Jean Neyland, Former President; and longtime circle member, Janet Anderson.

The Columbarium is also a new fitting home for the Frederick Hart statue “Christ Rising.” The statue was given to the church by Dwayne Jose and Daphne Motheral-Jose several years ago. The new Columbarium is a perfect home for this beautiful work of art. The statue is the creation of the American master sculptor, Frederick Hart, and is given in memory of John Wesley Motheral, Sr. and John Wesley Motheral, Jr., Russell Eugene Jose, and The Honorable D.J. “Chris” Miller Jose by Dwayne Jose and Daphne Motheral-Jose. Learn more about the artist

A heartfelt thank you is extended to the Board of Trustees, Ellen Rogers, Architect – David Stanford, Richard Fate, Linda Rowe, Bill Scott, Sandy Williams, Larry Ammerman, Landscape Architect – Steve Darnold and many others for their efforts to bring this project to completion.

The columbarium is located on the north side of the church in the current Third Street entrance and has 288 double niches. The niches are for sale at a price of $1,500 per niche. Each niche will hold two urns and the stone nameplate could have two names. So a couple could purchase a niche for $1,500 and both be interred at their death in the same niche in two urns. If an individual would like to purchase a niche for themselves as a single niche that is also possible, the price would not change. The niche price includes the urn, an engraved nameplate on each individual urn, and the engraving on the stone faceplate with the name and appropriate year of birth and death for each individual.
If you are interested or need more information about the Columbarium please call Larry Ammerman at 817/339-3884 or email him.


“Christ Rising” by Frederick Hart
Frederick Hart (1943-1999) is considered one of American’s premier sculptors. He is recognized for his use of realistic human form in his works. During his short lifetime, he not only created works of great beauty, he created a visual language that rekindled hope and nurtured our collective yearning for beauty and spirituality. Some of his most noted works include The Creation Sculptures, in the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.; The Vietnam Memorial, Three Soldiers, in Washington D.C., The Cross of the Millennium, presented to Pope John Paul II and Daughters of Odessa which is at the private residence of his Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, in his private garden at Highgrove and a cast acrylic of Daughters of Odessa is on view at The Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia.
The body of work he created over more than twenty years heralds a new age for contemporary art, “one in which figurative beauty, embodiment of values, and spiritual enlightenment are the ways in which we measure significance.”
The statue is on permanent display in the new Columbarium, Daphne Motheral-Jose and Dwayne Jose donated the statue to the church in memory of several of their family members. We are so grateful for their generous gift.


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