“The Trinity — God’s Fullest Expression of Amazing Grace!”

By August 12, 2015Sanctuary

Chuck Graff

Have you ever wondered why we often pray and address the “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” in many of our prayers, creeds, music, in our baptism services, at funerals, in our communion liturgy, and at other times?

Why is it important to pray to God — often more inclusively, as “Creator/Provider, Redeemer/Savior, Sustainer/Comforter” — using all three expressions of God’s being?

And if as the Bible says, we are to “Love the Lord our God (One God) with all our hearts, souls, mind, and strength,” why then do we pray and name three different entities in our prayers and liturgy instead of one? Are Christians really “monotheistic” — or as some people think, are we really “polytheistic” — believers in three different Gods instead of one?

What is the real meaning of the Trinity, and how do we experience God daily in our lives in a Trinitarian way?

Come and worship with us this Sunday, as we explore the meaning of the Holy Trinity. The Mysterious, Blessed Trinity! God’s self-expression to us and the world today of the fullness of God’s love, grace, and meaning in three distinct, unique ways. See you Sunday!

Rev. Chuck Graff

“In the Three — V2” by Raymond A. Foss
The dance of love, of God, together,
three faces, manifestations
together one, in relationship
equal, sharing, abiding
connected in ways, patterns,
we cannot understand
a glimpse of meaning, love enduring

God is love, not merely loving,
God is love in its fullness
God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit
each one love, loving, one another
symmetry, dancing, singing,
laughing, love divine
love infinite, everlasting




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