Family Sunday School: Jesus is The Vine

By April 2, 2020Family Sunday School

Topic: Jesus is The Vine


Today, after worship, find a living plant — it can be an inside plant or an outside plant, a tree or a flower or a cactus (this is Texas after all).

In John 15, Jesus explains to his disciples that must stay connected to him to continue to live healthy and fruitful lives, saying “I am the vine, and you are the branches.”

Take some time as a family to talk about how we stay connected to Jesus. Have this document, and these questions, pulled up on your phone to help guide your conversation.


Intro Questions About Plants:
  • How do plants stay connected to the ground?
  • Where do plants get their food and water from?
  • How do they stay healthy?
For Children:
  • Where do we get our food and water from?
  • What do we need to grow up strong?
  • What about our souls, our feelings and hopes and thoughts, what do they need?
  • If plants need water, soil, and sun to grow as plants, what do we need to grow as people who follow Jesus?

Have a teenager or older child explain: just like plants need to stay connected roots to get the food they need to grow, we need to stay connected to God for our souls to be healthy and grow!

For the Teenagers (have a younger child ask if possible):
  • Where do you feel closest to God?
  • What feeds your soul?
  • How do you connect with God on your own?
For the Adults (ask each other or have an older child ask you):
  • When do you feel most connected to God?
  • What are some different ways you’ve connected with God during your life?
  • Where do you see God helping you grow in your life now?
For Everyone:
  • What’s one thing we could do together to help us all stay connected to God?

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