Family Sunday School: Holy Spirit

Topic: Holy Spirit


Today we’re going to talk about the Holy Spirit, the part of the Holy Trinity we perhaps pay the least attention to. We’re going to talk about what it means for the Holy Spirit to be with us, both theologically, and on a day to day level. In this topic, teenagers, who have more acute emotional experiences than adults, and young children, who are more open to experiences they don’t logically understand, have a lot to teach the adults.

The Set-Up

Say: God is so big, and so much more than we can understand, that we use a lot of different images and ideas to describe God, and even though they’re different, they can all be correct. One of the ones we use is a Trinity, the idea that there are 3 different ways we meet God in the world.

There’s “big G” God, or God the Father – this is God as creator, Father, omniscient (all-knowing).

There’s Jesus Christ, or the Son, who was fully person and fully God and walked on earth and had friends and family, and who died and was resurrected.

Then there’s the Holy Spirit, this is God that is at work inside each and every one of us every day.

Ask (older children):
  • Which part of the trinity do you feel like you know the most about? What about the least?
  • When you pray, do you pray to one of these 3 (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) in particular?
Ask (adults):    
  • What attributes of God do you think of first when you think of God the Father? Jesus? The Holy Spirit?
  • How has your understanding of the Trinity changed over time?

Say: This week, we’re going to talk about the Holy Spirit, probably the least understood person of the Trinity, and, in particular, see what the youngest members of our family can teach us about it.

The Lesson

Have a family member read John 14:25-26; and another read John 16:5-16

Ask (younger children):
  • Have you ever prayed when you felt scared or alone?
  • What happened?

Have younger children take a moment, close their eyes and ask for God to give them a hug, or hold their hand.

  • Did you feel like you could feel God’s closeness?

(Note: If they say no, assure them that’s totally ok! Everyone meets God differently! It doesn’t mean God isn’t there, or loves them any less) 

  • What did it feel like/what do you imagine that would feel like? 
Ask (older children/teenagers):
  • Do you feel like you’ve ever felt God’s presence, or maybe did but aren’t sure?
  • What happened? What did it feel like?
  • What do you imagine the Holy Spirit would feel like?
  • Do you feel like the Holy Spirit has ever lead you somewhere or told you something? How did you know?
Ask (adults):
  • When have you felt the Holy Spirit’s presence?
  • Why is it hard sometimes, as an adult, to recognize the Holy Spirit’s work?
  • What is something you learned listening to your young people today?

Say:  Sometimes, one of the casualties of adulthood is our holy imagination, the part of our brain that holds our God-given to understand things that are more mysterious than they are logical. As the young people in the house, I’ll look to you to remind me of the Holy Spirit’s work in our world, and to keep my mind open to those things.

Take a minute to pray and ask that the Holy Spirit make its work known to all of your family this week.

5.17.20 Family Sunday School Guide


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