Family Sunday School: Something Real

By April 20, 2020Family Sunday School

Topic: Something Real


In the Gathering, Rev. Lance Marshall just started a sermon series called “Finally Something Real.” We’re going to use that series as an inspiration to talk as a family about what is real, and why sometimes we believe things that aren’t real (as people of all ages).

The Set-Up

(Have an Adult) Say:  We’re going to start with a little game. We’re all going to take turns playing (me included), but it’s a very easy game, and if you have trouble with your round, we’ll help you!  

  • Round 1: Name 5 things in this room you can see.
  • Round 2: Name 4 things in this room you can feel
  • Round 3: Name 3 things in this room you can hear
  • Round 4: Name 2 people who love you.
  • Round 5: Name 1 thing you know to be true.


  • Which round was the hardest?
  • Do you think you could answer these questions in any room, anywhere?  

Say: This little game is actually based on a tool used to help people who are very worried or anxious about something to remind them to pay more attention to the very real world around them, instead of the worries in their head. You can use it too, whenever you feel anxious or scared.

The Lesson

Say: Our world can be pretty scary right now, and there’s a lot of bad news coming out. We should know what’s going on, but it can be hard to remember who God is and what God desires if we spend all day worrying about all the bad things that could happen.

Have someone read Philippians 4:8

Go around through the family and have everyone name something to fit with each of the adjectives on the list

(A names something that is true, B names something that is noble, C names something that is just, etc – feel free to adjust the order or rephrase adjectives as needed)

Ask (older children):

  • Why is it easier to focus on bad stuff than good stuff?
  • What is one good, true thing that you can rely on?

Ask (younger children):

  • Have you ever gotten worried or scared about something that you thought might happen?
  • What helped you be less worried?
  • What do you do when you are scared? How can we help you?

Ask (adults):

  • What anxieties or fears distract you from what is in front of you?
  • How do you manage those anxieties?
  • What truths do you hold on to in anxious times?

Ask (all):

  • What is something we all agree is true (children suggest first)?
  • How might knowing that is true help us when we’re scared?
  • What would be a good way to remind each other about that truth?

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