First Street Mission Clothing Ministry Changes

Mission Clothing BankQ: What changes will occur in the clothing provisions at the First Street Methodist Mission?

A: The provision of a variety of clothing for families will be discontinued, and beginning August 2014 the clothing bank will focus solely on meeting the needs of guests who are homeless.


Q: Why change a program that has helped so many families?

A: While there are a number of thrift stores in the area that provide quality clothing at prices affordable for low-income persons, First Street Methodist Mission is one of the few resources for our homeless friends to receive clothing services. Making the needs of the homeless our single focus will enhance the quality of our ministry.


Q: How will this change effect my contributions to the clothing bank?

A: The type of clothing donations accepted at FSMM will be limited to gently used or new clothing for work or weather protection. For example, jeans, shorts, t-shirts, and basic blouses or shirts   will be needed. Walking shoes, tennis shoes, and flip-flops in good condition are always appreciated, as are socks and underwear. Dress clothing will not be accepted. A complete list of needed clothing is available at the Mission and at the church Welcome Center.


Q: Will the Career Closet continue?

A: Yes; however the type of clothing will be limited. Black and khaki pants for men and women will be needed, as well as scrubs, and white dress shirts. Black non-skid shoes for restaurant work are appropriate, and work boots (with or without steel toes) are needed. A complete list of acceptable clothing donations is available at the Mission and at the church Welcome Center.


Q: Where should I contribute stylish clothing with non-durable fabric and clothing that is dressy or not practical for street wear?

A: Many other United Methodist Churches in Tarrant County have a clothing bank or re-sale shop.  Also, our United Community Centers (affiliated with United Methodist Women) appreciate clothing donations. There may be a Goodwill or Salvation Army drop-off near your home.  These are some of the locations that are listed on the back of the “New Clothing Bank Donation List” at the Welcome Center and the First Street Methodist Mission.


Q: Will the First Street Methodist Mission continue to need non-clothing items?

A: YES! Items such as backpacks, tote bags, blankets, sleeping bags, or rolling bags are always needed. Also the new home start-up kits include sheets, dishes, cooking utensils, towels, washcloths, and shower curtains with rings. Other miscellaneous needs include travel-sized toiletries, sunglasses, sunscreen, wallets, feminine hygiene products, insect repellent, reading glasses, and paperback novels.


Q: Will there be changes in the clothing or other donations needed for infants?

A: NO. The Mission will continue to provide gently used and new clothing for children under 12 months old. Sheets, blankets, and equipment such as carriages or high chairs are appreciated when they are clean and in good condition. Diapers are always needed.


Q: When will these changes at the Mission begin?

A: July 31 will be the last day of clothing service to families. Until that date, donations to the Mission will be screened at the back (west) door, and contributors will be given information about gifts needed for the continued ministry for homeless guests.


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