Friends Made. Freedom Confirmed.

By January 25, 2018Youth Ministries

If you told me a month ago that I would meet someone named Kat Bair (yes, like the animals) and go on this weekend revolution thing with 50 people I had just met, I’d say that sounds about right. I like adventure, especially when it furthers the Kingdom.

At Revolution Weekend, my enthusiasm for adventure was matched with the craziness of teenagers chasing after God’s plans. The youth explored deep questions about freedom and asked themselves what it meant to be free from expectations for a weekend.

The students also got their feet wet in some hiking on the annual Walk to the Cross. The hike begins by crossing a river, and the symbolism wasn’t lost on me. Our promised land was a giant cross at the top of the canyon. It was beautiful at the top, but so was watching the whole youth group enjoy God’s creation.

Post-hike, I became a groupie for Bus 7. This band has been to Revolution Weekend for the last six years and they take on the youth in basketball. What more can you ask? Speaking of basketball, the signups for the Fighting Penguins are open.

As the weekend came to a close, it was clear that I had many new friends, and more importantly, the youth group was one big family. Seventh-graders were sitting with seniors. Adult sponsors were crying from the youth’s speeches. High schoolers and middle schoolers alike shared how the youth group provided friends when they desperately needed them. Freedom and love were felt in abundance.

This Sunday, we switched gears and talked about commitment. Kat shared with the group just how daunting commitment can be in our lives. After her testament of faith, the youth wrote down short-term vows that related to the long-term confirmation vows they took as sixth-graders. Look for these banners in the Gym during the confirmation banquet.

Sunday night involved a different sport. We had a baseball spring training theme for the Spring Kickoff. The youth made lemonade in their mouths by biting a lemon, following it with a sugar packet, and then swishing around some water before spitting it all in a pitcher. (It’s important for the pitchers to stay hydrated.) They also challenged their brains in games involving quick thinking, strategy, and changing rules.

There’s even more adventure on the horizon. Starting this Sunday, the middle school youth will go up to the first floor and the high school youth will run the first floor. We’re even talking separate doughnuts. Not only will this allow us to better use our space, but it will also provide a more tailored experience for both age groups.

Graham Watson
Youth Ministries Intern


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