Fresh Start at Revolution Weekend

By January 26, 2017Youth Ministries

revolution-weekend-3At the beginning of every year our youth join together for Revolution Weekend, an important part of what defines our Youth Ministries. “As we get to the other side of Revolution Weekend and reflect on our theme and everything we are able to experience with our youth, we cannot help but to be grateful,” says Andrew Mochrie, Director of Youth Ministries. “As we witness young people experiencing God’s grace in a real and tangible way during Communion and worship, our hearts are overflowing with joy as pockets of teenagers pray with each other, tears of joy flowing down their faces in the midst of God’s presence and great love.”

All weekend our youth bond — in prayer and worship, plus small groups and play — during this time of renewal and refreshment. For Andrew and many others, “Revolution Weekend is truly the best way to start a year, not just for our teenagers but also for us as a staff and as adults.”


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