I Believe God Puts People In Our Path For A Reason

By August 26, 2015Welcoming Ministries

Lisa Helm

Something I’ve been thinking about lately with regard to creating a comprehensive Welcoming Ministry is how everyone God brings before us offers us an opportunity beyond hospitality. If we pay attention, there are often unexpected gifts and joys tucked into these brief moments of connection with the people who cross our path.

Three years ago, completely by chance, after not seeing each other for more than 10 years, I ran into Melinda Smoot outside DSW Shoes. “I’ve been meaning to call you,” were the first words we said simultaneously the minute we saw one another. She had just joined FUMCFW as Director of Communications charged with building a team. “I’ve told everyone at church I need to find a Lisa Helm,” she said.

“And I’ve told everyone in my family I need to call you,” I said, “to see if there’s anything we could work on together!”

That was three years ago, and Melinda and I often joke that though neither of us ever imagined we would be here, working together again, we know this is exactly where we are supposed to be.

Remembering that everyone God brings before us is an opportunity for something, I invite you this week to greet everyone who crosses your path with anticipation of the unexpected gift waiting for you there.


Lisa Helm is the Director of Welcoming Ministries, a new ministry devoted to making sure all who enter our campus feel welcome, safe, and cared for by our Church — on Sundays and beyond!


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