First Talks: February 5, 2017

first-talks_hsFirst Talks

Sundays | 9:30 – 10:30 am | Room 350

Check out this great new Adult Education discussion group meeting on Sunday mornings. It’s a combination of succinct and exciting TED Talk-style presentations followed by facilitated, engaging conversations around the topic of the day. Each week will be different with speakers from around the Metroplex, including artists, educators, theologians, entrepreneurs, and great thinkers of all sorts. These presentations and the conversations that follow will help us find Spirit in every facet of life.

Os Flores_SQ

Sunday, February 5, 2017:
What Makes YOU Happy

Os Flores

Hi, I’m Os Flores, and I am really excited to meet with you this week as we learn “What Makes YOU Happy?”. We see it all the time, huh? Someone can seemingly have it all, never want for anything, and yet, they don’t seem happy. On the other hand, others struggle to have the basic necessities, yet don’t complain and find the joy in every moment.

Join us this Sunday, February 5, as we discuss the heart of happiness. Though we all come from various background and diverse experiences, we may be more alike than we think. Learn more about the power of perception as we seek to understand our true happiness.


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