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This coming Sunday, October 5, is a big day for our church and our First 7th worshiping community. For the past few months, as First 7th grew and gained momentum, they have held worship every four weeks. All this time — under the leadership of Reverend Lance Marshall and with the help of many committed members and friends — the community has been engaged in Bible studies, theology discussion groups, discipleship groups, service projects and worship services. They have now reached an important milestone as they begin weekly worship services.

First 7th Worship is from 5:30 to 6:30 each Sunday evening in Wesley Hall. There is childcare for little ones and children’s ministry activities for elementary aged kids. The First 7th service is truly unique. It is on the cutting edge of living out our United Methodist heritage in new and modern ways. The service is for everyone of all ages — not just young adults. Before the service at 5:00 there is a light supper — a great time for sharing food and fellowship. Following the service, there are discipleship groups for all ages from 6:30 – 7:30.

So, how can you be a part of this exciting new chapter in this unfolding story of a new worshiping community at First Church? Here are a couple of great ways: First, keep First 7th in your prayers. Second, share First 7th with someone you know — not just through extending an invitation, but through offering to pick them up and bring them with you to the service. Many of the most active members of our First 7th Community are the children, friends, and neighbors of FUMC members who brought them to the service to check it out. It’s a new way to share your church with the people you love!

Grace and Peace,



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