You’re not on your own.

Staff_Marshall, LanceYou’re not on your own.
A few years ago I started one of the most meaningful relationships in my life. I did what musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs and artists all over the world do. I hired a coach.

When most people think of a coach, what they really think of is a teacher. Teachers are experts in a given area who attempt to share their expertise with you. Coaching is different. Coaches are focused on helping you achieve the goals you set for yourself. These relationships are directed by the coached, and they’re formed around a unique set of rules. One resource describes the role of a coach as someone who:

C = Comes alongside you
O = Observes your situation
A = Asks you powerful questions
C = Considers options with you
H = Holds you accountable

This is exactly what my coaches do for me. Whether my goals are personal, professional, or spiritual, working with a coach is often the difference between taking the next step or being stuck in the status quo.

What do you need?

All of us are in the process of growing as disciples of Jesus Christ. As we mature, we have different needs, different questions that need to be answered or practices that need to be developed. Studies have shown, though, that no matter how mature we are, we always have a common, deep need: We need someone to coach us along the way.

Studies show this is a primary element people look for when joining a church. People will say, “I like the pastor there” or “this church is relevant to me,” but what they’re really saying is “this church has someone who is coaching me as I grow as a disciple.”

10517573_691714594239180_473771731944535069_nThe early Methodists in America were experts at this. In the frontier days before church buildings and weekly worship, Methodists gathered in what they called class meetings. These meetings were about more than education, they were about transformation. They were chances for new disciples to have mature Christians come alongside them, see what was happening in the lives of the faithful and ask powerful questions about what God was doing in their midst. The groups considered together how they could respond to God’s call, and they held each other accountable to their commitments to take the next steps in their faith.

Starting Sunday, Aug 24, First 7th will continue our practice of reviving the best of the Methodist tradition by starting our own version of the class meeting. After worship, we’ll gather for an hour in a breakout room to ask simple questions: How is it with your soul? What is God doing in your life? How can we help you set — and reach — your goals?

This hour will help you be more self-aware, more action-oriented, and more enthusiastic about your spiritual life. You will be inspired by God’s work in the lives of others and aware of God’s action in your own story. You will be unstuck, freed from the status quo, and ready to take the next step chasing after Jesus.

I can’t wait to join alongside you! God bless,



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