First Church Proud to be a Part of Next90

I am “First Church Proud” to be a member of this growing, energized downtown community of faith. Two weeks ago Dr. Tim Bruster and Rev. Lance Marshall officially kicked off our Next90 Phase 1 capital campaign and announced the fundraising goal of $15 million.

In reality, this campaign kicked off earlier with a silent phase, resulting in close to $5 million now being available and nearly $3 million in commitments for the first phase. My sincere thanks to those who have given their enthusiastic endorsements through their commitment! Thanks also to those of you who have eagerly expressed your desire to make your commitment!

Over the next couple of weeks, you and I will be given the opportunity to learn more about the steps for raising the balance and how we can actively participate in the Next90 campaign!

You will also receive a letter, along with a Next90 Commitment Card, from Dr. Bruster and Rev. Marshall specifically asking for a capital campaign commitment to be paid out over a two-year period. Our goal is for this building project to be debt-free when construction is completed in the spring of 2022.

Capital campaign commitments and gifts are over and above your annual giving. Your annual giving is vital because it makes our vibrant, life-changing ministries possible on a daily basis!

Today I am asking you to give prayerful consideration as to how you envision yourself participating in the Next90 Campaign. There is no formula, no quick accounting, no percentage target for a campaign gift. Each of us have different financial abilities. And certainly, not everyone is capable of making a million-dollar gift, including the Fishers. However, Jack and I will invest in the future of First Church to the best of our financial ability and in a way that is meaningful for us and meaningful to First Church. I hope you do also.

The biblical concept of giving in proportion to each person’s blessings could be thought of in this way: Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.

Consider the following as you begin your thought process:

Am I genuinely seeking God’s guidance in how God wants to work through me?

Am I having thoughtful conversations with my family and other influencers in my life?

Am I thinking creatively about a comprehensive giving plan that might also include other assets and resources beyond my bank account?

Will this giving decision involve a sense of sacrifice in my life?

Am I willing to step it up in my Faith and give as God has given to me?

Responding to this opportunity is something each of us can do.

Together let us pray that God grants us the courage, the boldness and the success for this campaign so that First Church’s legacy of being a sacred place where people come together to hear the transformative Good News continues for those who come after us.

Thank you!

First Church Proud,

Nancy Fisher
Director of Stewardship


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