First 7th Covenant Bible study begins Jan. 21


Covenant Bible Study Details

  • Wednesdays, 6:00 to 7:30 pm

  • Begins Jan. 21, lasts eight weeks.

  • Cost is $20*

  • Using a personal study Bible is suggested*

  • Open to all, regardless of familiarity with Bible.

  • Free childcare available with reservation.

*If the cost is an obstacle, email me and let me know ( We won’t let money interfere with you learning more about the Bible!


Staff_Marshall, LanceExcuse me while I geek out for a second; on Wednesday, Jan. 21, we are starting something I’m incredibly excited about. We’ll kick off our first F7 Bible study, the eight-week Covenant Bible experience. In fact, I’m so excited, it’s time for bullet points. Here’s why I am so pumped:

• Bible study is important. For over two hundred years, group Bible study has functioned as a key aspect of our Methodist traditions. Learning what the Bible is and isn’t is a major part of becoming Christian and maturing into greater faith. Bible study changed my life, and I know that a similar experience is waiting for you.
• Bible study is fun. Well, it is when I lead it, anyway! The Covenant study is built as a group discussion. We read scripture selections together throughout the week and use our time together to dive deeper into the meaning and background of the texts. It’s all about the relationships we form, the experiences we share, and the friends we make in the process. You will emerge from this study with a deeper faith and a new group of people you care about.
• Bible study is relevant. My favorite part of this study is how it combines a deep look at the Bible with relevant focus on everyday lives of faith, helping us move from people who believe the Gospel to people who live the Gospel. This isn’t a dry academic class, it’s a chance to jump headfirst into the greatest story ever told.
• Bible study is for everyone. This study is wonderful at bringing everyone around the table together. Bible experts and total newbies will gain something from this experience, and most importantly, learn something valuable from each other.

This study is a big deal and something I’ve very invested in. Click the gray button in this email to sign up. I hope your growth in faith is a priority in 2015, and if it is, this study is a great way to take the next step forward.

This great study starts soon! Click here to sign up now.


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