First 7th Connecting Service

Dear Friends,

This Sunday will bring a special event of worship in our Sanctuary. Earlier this year our church leaders unanimously approved a new way to expand how we will reach out to people in Fort Worth, and that plan (a worship community of our church we’re calling First 7th) will soon involve holding worship services out in the community. This Sunday’s Connecting service will be a preview to demonstrate the look and feel of our new First 7th services. The goal of this service is to help you as a congregation to understand and connect with this new worship community and its ministry to new families in our city. I’m looking forward to this very special worship experience — and to the bright future of our First 7th ministry!

Grace and Peace,



lance marshallThis Sunday is an important day of worship and celebration for our entire church. I joined the First UMC staff in June to help serve a mission to engage more young families in the city (we call it First UMC in West 7th, or First 7th for short). In the past six months, we have had a number of successful small group, social, and service events, and we are ready to begin offering “preview” services of our new worship opportunities in the next few months.

Before we begin to offer additional worship services elsewhere in the community, however, we want to have a time of worship here at the FUMCFW sanctuary to build the connection and relationship between the various elements of our church body. Simply put, we are one church, and there is no better way to forge and strengthen that connection then to spend time in worship together.

This Sunday, 9:30 and 11 am worship in the sanctuary will be led by me and a team of young worship leaders who are excited to share the way we will offer exciting, engaging, tradition-filled worship outside of our church campus in months to come. FUMCFW leaders have worked to take the First UMC practice of worship and make it fit in contemporary venues, and we think you will be thrilled to see what we have in store for our community. Make sure you experience this special day of worship on Nov. 17, because the following week our sanctuary worship will return to normal.

We’ll have a number of first-time guests visiting our campus this Sunday, and I hope you take the opportunity to welcome these guests to our church. To be truthful, though, you are the primary audience for this service. After worship on Sunday, I hope you will feel excited about this ministry and look forward to sharing it with people in your life.

Of course, it’s important to emphasize that while this ministry is an effort to create new programs to attract new people, FUMCFW remains deeply committed to offering worship and discipleship opportunities for people of all ages right here at 800 W. 5th St. as well. Instead, First 7th is a tangible example of something that’s very important to all of us: watching FUMCFW grow, and grow in ways that reach more people for Jesus Christ.

All other aspects of our normal Sunday schedule (children and youth programs, Sunday school, Children’s moment at 11 am, etc) will be unchanged, so don’t worry about changing your weekend routine. Do take the opportunity to invite friends or family to join you for this very special day in the life of our church, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

God bless,



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