This just feels wrong, doesn’t it?

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If we know we’ve been loved by anybody, surely it’s Mr. Rogers! But we’ve all experienced some level of “betrayal” — of life’s unfairness — the carpet being yanked out from under us in some way or other.

So, what is this banquet then that Jesus speaks of in our text for this Sunday? What does it look like? Where is this great feast invitation when the chips are down? And, if we are truly invited to such a thing, why in the world would anyone turn it down? And even maybe more importantly, why would we want to make sure everyone else is invited?

Most everyone has had the experience of feeling excluded before — the uncomfortable, even cruel cafeteria exclusion in elementary school, the hateful speech and letters kids would write about one another (now online), the bullies and cliques, being the last (or near last) one picked for the team, the parties we weren’t invited to, the angry, insulting boss, the awkward date, the vindictive lover, the jealous sibling, the gossipy co-workers and alliances, being passed over for recognition or promotion at the office. The list goes on and on. On the other hand, if you’ve never experienced being put down, excluded, publicly shamed, isolated or alone, please consider yourself exceptionally blessed (or perhaps you’re simply a new arrival to our planet).

And to add to these everyday experiences most (if not all) people face, let’s consider how the world around us is full of much more insidious cruelty and terror — racism, sexism, prejudice, xenophobia, poverty, religious isolation, public ridicule or shaming — and maybe we begin to see just how radical Jesus’ story of the Banquet Invitation is today.


Join us Sunday for a curious and inspiring look at . . .

“Salvation is a Banquet” 

with the music of Matisyahu, Ruthie Foster, and the eleven:eleven Revolution Band


See you Sunday!



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