The Ten Commandments

Mark BurrowsHi Families.

We had a wonderful time at Children First yesterday.

Moses dropped by and delivered God’s Ten Commandments.

We will spend February exploring these great rules in our Academy classes.

Here they are, with a little help talking about “Commandment #7” with kids.

And can’t wait to see you Sunday for our Spring Academy Kick-Off!


The Ten Commandments:

1.  I am God, the only God. Have no other Gods but me.
2.  Do not make or worship idols.
3.  My name is special. Do not misuse it.
4.  Take a day of rest, a Sabbath, each week. Make it a special day for God.
5.  Honor your parents.
6.  Do not kill.
7.  If you get married, be loyal to your husband or wife.*
8.  Do not steal.
9.  Do not tell lies about others.
10.  Don’t wish for things that belong to others.

* This is the “Thou shalt not commit adultery” commandment.

Many of us who work with kids in church dread getting questions like “What does adultery mean?”

Here’s how I feel most comfortable explaining it to a roomful of children —

When two people get married, they promise to love each other.

And they promise to not fall in love with anyone else while they’re married to each other. 

Adultery is when someone who is married falls in love with someone who is not their husband or wife.

Yes, there’s more to it. But this explanation at least gives the overall gist. And my rule of thumb is — you can always add to one’s understanding later on. But children can’t un-hear something once you’ve said it.



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