Sing Your Favorite Hymns In MorningSong

By July 23, 2015Music & Worship Arts


All music in worship is special and offered humbly to God.
Please join us as we lift our voices together and sing our favorite hymns!

MorningSong Begins August 2nd
Sundays in August | 9:00 & 10:30 am | 2nd Floor Choir Room

“We are a church full of good singers who may not even realize it — or what fun it is to sing for a worship service.”

— Taylor Davis, Director of Music & Worship Arts

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sing in the choir?
Do you enjoy singing, even if it’s only in the shower or along with the radio or your favorite CD?
We invite you to join us for MorningSong, a unique summertime choir experience that extends the entire month of August.


We will meet each Sunday morning in August, 30 minutes before each service to learn a piece of music and then lead worship in song. It’s really that simple and it’s family friendly — kids and grandkids welcome!
Come and enjoy the view and experience only available from the choir loft. Join us for MorningSong! For more information, contact Taylor Davis ( at 817/339-5074 or click here.

What Is Your Favorite Hymn_HSWhat Is Your Favorite Hymn?

Turn in your ballot here or click here. Your favorites will be sung in Traditional Worship on August 16 and August 23.


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