Disciple Fast Track Information Meeting

By August 22, 2017Adult Ministries

Disciple Fast Track Information Meeting_HSDisciple Fast Track Information Meeting

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
9:30 am | Room 350 

Looking for a “back-to-school” commitment to fill the Learn portion of your Healthy Plate? Join us for a “meet and greet” and information session — and a little home made coffee cake — to learn more!

This fall we’re introducing what just might be the start of a new Bible study season in our church! While we do have a long history of offering Disciple Bible Study, this fall we’ll be offering a new 12-week Disciple Fast Track, which will immerse you in the Old Testament with a manageable daily Bible reading of 3 – 5 chapters a day.

The lesson is divided into “Our Human Condition,” The Bible reading, Prayer, and Marks of Discipleship to help you identify particular characteristics of discipleship and invite you to think about how your life and the life of our church reflect those characteristics.

Sponsored by Rev. Phyllis Barren’s Wednesday morning Bible study group, this Disciple Fast Track kicks off this group’s decision to help each other keep a Healthy Plate Discipleship balance. With programs, activities, and commitments to fill all six portions — from encouraging one another to worship together, to pray regularly and keep a prayer list, to tithe to the church, to have a monthly service project, and to enjoy fellowship together just for fun outside of class — this group would be delighted to welcome any and all who are interested in joining them for this exciting new version of Disciple Bible Study.

If you would like more information about our upcoming 12-week study, Disciple Fast Track: Old Testament, Rev. Phyllis Barren invites you to an informal meet & greet/information meeting on August 30. In addition to information, we’ll share coffee and home-baked coffee cakes, laughter, stories, and our commitment to Healthy Plate Discipleship.


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