Family Sunday School: The Resurrection

By April 12, 2020Family Sunday School

Topic: The Resurrection


Today, we are going to talk about the story of Easter! We will be using storytelling to help us better understand what’s happening and how the characters might have been feeling in order to see the story of the resurrection in a new way.

This story has been adapted into a skit – readers are not expected to memorize their lines or improvise from the script, but to add voice inflection, motion and gestures to their character’s actions and words in order to bring the story to life!

If your family is a little too old (or a little too young) for a skit, feel free to read the scripture itself out loud instead of the script for each section.

After each “Act,” take some time as a family to talk about the story using the questions at the end of each part of the script. Have this document, and these questions, pulled up on your phone to help guide your conversation.

The Set-Up

Say: Today we’re going to tell the story of Easter! Each one of us will have a part to play in the story. When you’re reading your part, use voices to help tell the story! And if you’re just listening, use motion to act out what is happening!

Assign each person in your family a character to play/read. If there are more characters than family members, people can play more than one character or the narrator roles can be combined.

Characters: Narrators 1 & 2; Angel; Mary; Jesus.

Act I: The Empty Tomb (Mathew 28:1-10)

Narrator 1: After Jesus died, he was buried in a tomb and a stone was placed in front of the door to protect his body. Early in the morning on the first day of the week, Mary and some of the other women who were followers of Jesus went to the tomb.

Mary: Suddenly, there was an earthquake! And an angel came down from heaven and rolled the stone away from the door!

Angel: Do not be afraid! I know you’re looking for Jesus. He is not here! He has risen, just like he said he would. Come, look for yourself.

Mary and Narrators “look” inside the tomb.

Angel: See, he is not here. Quick, go tell his disciples that he is risen!

Mary pretends to run off to tell the other disciples, and yells:

Mary: The tomb is empty! Jesus has risen!


  • How do you think the women felt?
    • Were they scared, or worried, or happy?
    • How would you have felt?
  • Do you think they believed what was happening was real?
  • Have you ever been scared and excited at the same time? When?
  • Do you think the other disciples would have believed them when Mary told them the story? Why or why not?

Act II: Jesus and the Disciples (Matthew 28:16-20)

Narrator 2: The disciples went to Galilea, where Jesus had told them to meet him – and all of a sudden, there he was!

Narrator 1: The disciples were shocked!

Everyone: Gasp!

Narrator 2: And afraid!

Everyone: Ahhh!

Narrator 1: But once they saw that it was Jesus, they were filled with joy!

Everyone: Yay!

Narrator 1: Then Jesus said:

Jesus: Yes, I have risen. I have been given power over all heaven and earth. So go, tell the good news to people all over the world! Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, teaching them the things I have taught you. And do not worry – I will be with you the whole time.

Narrator 2: So the disciples went out, telling the story of Jesus to all the people they met along the way – strangers and neighbors and friends and enemies.


  • Can you imagine what it might feel like to see a friend come back from the dead?
  • Can you imagine what it was like to see Jesus walking around?
  • What was Jesus asking the disciples to do?
    • What do you think they would have thought about what Jesus was asking them to do?
    • Do you think they were excited about it, or nervous, or thought it sounded hard?
    • What about you? What do you think about what Jesus is asking of the disciples – and of us?
  • Imagine Jesus is back again, here with us right now:
    • How would you react? How would you feel?
    • What would you say to him or ask him?
    • What do you hope he would say to you?
    • What do you think he would tell us to do?
      • What might be the same?
      • What might be different?

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