Faith In Action: Children’s Wing

staff_Roger Partridge_150Taking a quick stroll around the church this morning to check in on all our construction projects, I wanted to invite you on this walk for a quick snapshot of your giving dollars at work as our construction projects are progressing!

The new library space is almost complete, the Bride’s Room is available for use and the ladies restroom on the first floor should be complete very soon.

Making space for the Children’s Wing Expansion is infusing our church with excitement — just walking through these areas of growth fill me with joy for the many children and families now and soon-to-be who will enjoy this expansion and this ministry.

Here is part of our former library space (see image 1 below) currently being transformed into two new Academy classrooms that will open for our Spring Academy semester.

Also starting this Spring, Parents will be able to drop off their children and then stop by this new parent gathering area (image 2) for a cup of coffee or tea and a visit with other parents, or just to take some time to read and relax while waiting for children for complete their Academy rotation.

Once completed, this fabulous expansion (image 3) will offer a quick, easy, and secure check-in area on the second floor (until our Spring Grand Opening, please continue to use the first floor check-in), as well as a unique window into Mister Mark’s natural habitat (notice our puppet friends adorning the top shelf? Who wouldn’t guess that this is where Mister Mark spends his office hours?)

As we round this important turn and construction moves toward its projected year-end completion date, I want to express my deep thanks (I do this daily in my heart!) to all who have given to this exciting project so far — and to encourage everyone who wants to become part of this legacy to join us! Creating and furnishing this wonderful expansion for our children and young families is a gift to our church that will touch the life of every new family who enters our doors with your generosity.

If you’d like to visit with me about these opportunities or to make a gift to help bring this project to full completion, please feel free to contact me ( 817/339-5098, or give online at

Roger Partridge, Director of Stewardship





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