Faith In Action: Third Grade Bible

staff_Roger Partridge_150Our stewardship theme, “This Is Why We Give” was echoing in my mind last Sunday as I watched 46 third graders receive their bibles. What a sight that was! I looked on in complete awe as the line of proud third graders stretched across the entire front of the sanctuary after they received their personalized bible from Dr. Bruster. The expression I saw on each face last Sunday — on the children and across the congregation gathered to see these children standing before us holding their new bibles — was something that touched my heart in a profound way.

I still have my own third grade bible, and yes, it is pretty old and worn, but I still love to look at my name written inside it in beautiful calligraphy. I still vividly remember learning the books of the bible with it and reading, discovering, and re-discovering its stories as I grew up. As I visited with a couple of these children before the service, it was heartwarming to see how excited they were to be there and to get their very own bible. I hope that many years from now they will look back on this gift from our church and cherish it as I do my own third grade bible — and reflect on the memories they’ll hold by then of their own faith journey. One thing that makes me so proud of our church is how our gifts support our growing ministry to children and teens. This is why I give.

If you’d like to visit with me about giving, please feel free to contact me ( at 817/339-5098, or click here to give online.

Roger Partridge, Director of Stewardship

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