Faith in Action: So Much More Than $1 and a Slip of Paper

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I love that we are encouraged to put a dollar bill (or more) in the offering plate each week in specific support of designated ministries. My wife and I contribute our tithe online each month, but when we started online giving I was always uncomfortable in passing the offering plate without putting something in it. It just didn’t seem right to me to not participate in the giving part of worship.

Growing up, our church always provided special offering envelopes, and we participated in the offering during worship by placing our gift in the plate when it was passed. On Easter Sunday, I ushered at the 9:30 service and saw so many families encouraging their children to participate in worship by placing a dollar in the offering plate. What a wonderful way to train and teach children about stewardship — and for all of us to participate in giving during worship, even if we use online giving for our regular tithe payments!

Please remember that it is also very important to complete the attendance tab on the bulletin and place it in the offering plate, too. By adding both of these important offerings to the plate as it passes during worship, you are doing so much more than you may realize. You are supporting a ministry of our church and registering your presence and active participation in worship!

For more information about online giving, our $1 offering designees, or other questions about stewardship and giving, please feel free to contact me ( any time at 817/339-5098.

Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship


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