Faith in Action: Outstanding Music That Enhances Worship

staff_Roger Partridge_150I started my blog last week and I knew the communications team would be so happy to have an early submission, but then I heard the choir on Sunday — and I had to start over! You see, I originally wanted to write about the outstanding music we heard on Easter Sunday. It was simply AMAZING. Then on April 3, when the choir sang “The Majesty and Glory of Your Name,”a personal favorite of mine, once again I was ready and inspired to write about it. But wait. Last Sunday our Choral Union sang the most moving rendition of “Ride On King Jesus”I have EVER heard, and again I had to start over! Suffice it to say that while I always enjoy the music of our traditional worship service, I am especially grateful these days that Peggy Graff, Robert Stovall, and our Choral Union share their gifts and talents with us nearly every Sunday during traditional worship. Our Choral Union enhances our Sunday worship experience with spectacular music, and I look forward to hearing them next Sunday — and on all the Sundays after that. This is Why I Give.

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Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship


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