Faith In Action: Your Monthly Giving Plan

staff_Roger Partridge_150I heard an interesting presentation on stewardship by a United Methodist clergy a couple of weeks ago that really affirmed my belief about giving 10 percent (a tithe) of my income to the church. This presentation also got me thinking about how to help others discover how establishing a giving plan can enhance our experience of faith and commitment to God. Years ago, I remember thinking that my wife and I would never be able to give 10 percent of our income to the church, but through the years we have steadily increased our giving percentage to get there — and to discover the true difference it has made in our hearts. The biggest difference we have experienced is that when we include God in our plans, other spending decisions become much easier. I share with you the following chart as a guideline to help you see where you are now with your monthly giving, and what incremental steps could look like for you on your own journey toward the tithe. If you have questions, or would like to discuss or create a plan for building up your own giving, please email me ( or give me a call at 817/339-5098.

Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship

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