Faith In Action: Creating a Legacy of Giving

staff_Roger Partridge_150During the last few months I’ve had the privilege to serve on a Church Council subcommittee called “Connect, Serve, Grow” led by Danica Knight. (You’ll be hearing a lot more about that in the months to come!) A couple of weeks ago, we opted for a brown-bag lunch meeting at Danica’s office on the TCU campus, and the first thing I noticed when I walked into the office was a picture and nameplate for Dr. Saul B. Sells.

I knew that name from our church financial reports, but I didn’t remember all the details behind the numbers on the report. Danica knew of the amazing work of Dr. Sells but wasn’t aware of his connection to FUMCFW. Dr. and Mrs. Sells joined our church in 1958, the same year they moved to Fort Worth and he founded the Institute of Behavioral Research at TCU. Dr. Sells had a prestigious career with the military before coming to TCU, and he continued his work by publishing more than 400 articles and 22 books on data and research.

Roger with Sells_IMG_5345Dr. and Mrs. Sells loved this church and the missions supported by this congregation. Mrs. Sells died in 1984, and upon Dr. Sells’ death in 1988 the Helen F. Sells Charitable Fund was established at Bank of America. This fund’s purpose is to provide aid for the care, feeding, clothing, and education of needy individuals in Tarrant County, and it provides $30,000 – $40,000 annually for outreach ministries that fit that criteria.

It struck me as I learned more about the connection between Dr. Sells and FUMCFW how a legacy of giving connects past, present, and future in our church family in all kinds of unexpected ways. If you have an interest in creating your own legacy of giving that keeps your passions alive for generations to come, contact our church Foundation staff or myself, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you shape your legacy of giving.

If you have any questions about supporting the ministries of our church, please contact me ( at 817/339-5098. Click here to make your 2016 commitment to our church..

Roger Partridge,
Director of Stewardship


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