Faith & Film Devotional, Week 7: Resurrection

By April 16, 2014News

As we approach Easter morning, we take time to think about what the resurrection means for us, our identities, and our world. The resurrection changes how we think about hope and the future. It should truly change our lives.

So this week, you are invited to watch this clip from Ratatouille (2007). Before this clip, France’s top restaurant critic, Anton Ego, has announced that he will be re-reviewing the restaurant where Linguini Remy (a rat) act as chefs. They prepare ratatouille, a common dish that ends up creating quite a special experience.



In this scene, the scary and serious critic is met with something that reminds him of a simpler and happier time in his life. He then learns that a rat prepared his meal. His review of the restaurant and experience are here:



For individual or family reflection:

  • Is there a meal that you crave because it reminds you of home or of a special person or a special time?

  • What is it? What does it remind you of?

  • What do you think Linguini and Remy expected from Anton Ego?

  • What happened when Anton Ego ate that bite? What do you think he remembered?

  • What have you forgotten about who you are that needs to be restored?


In Anton Ego’s review, he says, “But there are times when a critic truly risks something, and that is in the discovery and defense of the new. Last night, I experienced something new, an extraordinary meal from a singularly unexected source. To say that both the meal and its maker have challenged my preconceptions is a gross understatement. They have rocked me to my core.” The resurrection is the experience of something new, something extraordinary.

  • How does it challenge you?

  • How has it rocked you to your core?

  • Should it?


Just for kids:

  • What is your favorite food that your parents or grandparents cook for you?

  • What do you love about it?

  • How did you think Anton Ego was going to react to the ratatouille?


People thought Anton Ego was a really mean and scary man. But he ended up really loving the food and said really nice things about it.

  • What made him change?

  • How did learning about Remy the rat help him?


Read – Luke 24:1-36


This week, our church is offering worship experiences that will help you prepare for the real wonder of Easter. The beauty and power of the resurrection ring much louder and sink much deeper within us when we have experienced the journey through the days leading up to the resurrection.


Pray (to yourself or with your family) that you would be open to the full experience of Holy Week and that you would be met with the real power and beauty of the resurrection this Easter. Ask God to surprise you and amaze you.


I also invite and encourage you to join us for Easter morning worship services — the culmination of the Resurrection story:

Click on the link for details, times and special information about Easter Sunday – April 20. I hope to see you there!




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