Faith In Action: New Beginnings

staff_Roger Partridge_150We’ve had our school supply drive, the children are now back in school, and now it’s back-to-Academy time with Mister Mark and our Children’s Ministries volunteers geared up to launch our Fall Academy this Sunday, September 13. I know I’m looking forward to all the excitement in the air this week as our new slate of Children’s Academy classes begins — and this year, this special time of new beginnings comes with a little bit of extra dust, too, as construction to expand the children’s area also kicks off this week. With our Library’s move to its snazzy and easier-to-access new location across from Wesley Hall now complete, contractors have begun work on two new classrooms, a flexible learning space, an ADA accessible children’s restroom, and a parent waiting area. And, just as this new beginning embraces such an exciting time of growth in our Children’s Ministries and programs, ongoing financial support for our Children’s Wing Expansion now includes more and more people who want to be part of funding this exciting project. As construction progresses, I’ll be updating you with where we are on the total project, along with some special furnishing opportunities to help equip this space to be all it can be to embrace children AND their parents on Sunday mornings. Thank you for the support you’ve already provided for our Children’s Wing Expansion — your gifts make you part of our growing reputation among hundreds of Fort Worth families as “The Church for Children.”

Roger Partridge, Director of Stewardship



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